Lost 68 Now '13 And More?

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  1. Hi guys -- I have tried other websites but they never respond so here I am!!!

    I had a 1968 sunlit gold coupe, but after buying it for $3,000 and 10 years and $20,000 later a barn roof collapsed on her and totaled the car View attachment 121145 . It was a great car, and now I am sure somebody else bought it from the insurance company and is enjoying the fix it or part it job. A sad end.

    But, thanks to $25,000 in insurance we got a 2013 California Special 5.0. dark blue from Sturgis, SD and then added the white (shelby) stripes. Man, is she fast.

    But is just doesn't suit me. I am a Classic Car guy through and through. So the wife drives it and it is her View attachment 121146 third Mustang since she was 16 (now 44) just don;t tell her LOL.

    It is cool because I am looking for a new / old car to drive.

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  2. hate stories like that!