Lost control @ 158MPH....:(

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by hotmustang331, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Sorry about your car. At least you're still in one piece.

    I'll spare you the lecture on speeding, becaue I'm not afraid to admit I do stupid things as well. having a powerful car makes it so much more tempting.

    And before you go out there and try it again, I'm thinking you should be able to hit 160 considering bone stock 03/04 Cobras can do it. But your 5-speed may be the weak link.
  2. QFMFT. very good point. probably the most intelligent post in this thread.

    I cant imagine the crap you'd be in though if cops were to have seen it. I dont know about Texas, but if you pulled that stunt and lost it on a Cali freeway/highway or anywhere else here with people on the roads, you'd be in jail for sure.

    Regardless, I'm glad to hear you're okay and the car isnt completely destroyed. I do respect that you had the balls to admit to your wrong-doing as well. Best of luck on getting her on the road again. You get your second chance. A lot of people don't get that. Take note of it.
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  4. Seriously guy, I hope you cut and pasted that in. Otherwise, you might look at getting another hobby :shrug:
  5. sorry to hear about your car....atleast you no what your car is capable of now haha

    glad to haer you are in one piece aswell!!
  6. thats interesting and all, but, whats your point?

    some more random knowledge: it is illegal to stare at the mayor of paris.
  7. Wow.... where do I begin...

    Well you went mighty fast, you were curious... Okay I can see that... Now You've done it, I know you wont' again. you mentioned you've never done that before, this was your one time and you were granted the ability to carry on your life. You know you don't need a lecture, I'm sure you gave yourself a better one then any one of us could have. :)

    Now as far as you are concerned, I'm genuinely and sincerly glad you are okay after this.
  8. my .02

    What saleen said is completely ignorant. He's a *** retard because he did something extremely stupid?? No. Im assuming he has more experience than you with cars. Now what he did, yes that was extremely retarded. That doesn't make him a **** retard though. Everyone makes mistakes.
  9. I wonder how fast you have gone or had the guts to go, i would say 101mph. Way to take risks buddy :nice:
  10. In most cases doing retarded things dont actually make you a retard, except for driving 160 mph on the street. At the point you reach 160 your DNA changes and you do in fact turn into a retard. That explains why he lost control of his car because he wasnt physically or mentally able to drive a car anymore.
  11. If I had your setup, I'd air it out too. Not on a curve though :nonono:

    But I'm glad you didn't get hurt and I can assure you that you won't forget that experience. I totaled a camaro in a similar fashion when I was 16 and learned my lesson quick. I had minor injuries but gave some serious thanks to the man upstairs that I wasn't hurt bad.

  12. :rolleyes:

    Not the most intelligent thing said in this thread thus far.

    If going that fast is all about guts, then I'll take smart over guts any day. :shrug:
  13. I think I pointed that out in my first reply
  14. So where is hot331? Did you say you were gonna post pics? Also update us on you, did you go to the DR? Hope you are ok and are not too ashamed to come back to the post.

  15. Not that I agree with the name calling, but I do get your point and what you're trying to say. Better off just calling out the actions and not calling out the names....just safer around here that way.

    I'm a little suprised at a post glorifying how fast you're willing to go though.

    How appropriate does that seem for a board that is against (and rightly so) street racing and reckless street driving.....but I bet that post never gets edited out. :shrug:
  16. Ive thought about this too.
  17. Anyways, I'll leave it alone. I'm not trying to make the OP feel worse by any means. And I do hope he returns to provide updates.

    This place has just gotten weird since I've frequented last.
  18. The point of this post was for others to be aware of the dangers of becoming too confident on the road and to think before you act...so why is there arguing over a lesson that has already been learned...
  19. Yeah I never really understood that how someone who comes on saying they street raced or something can get banned/thread locked but yet this thread didn't get locked after the first post? I mean I realize OP has alot of history on this board but that doesn't really change things. Can someone explain what can get banned/locked due to what they say about their innapropriate driving?
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