Lost control @ 158MPH....:(

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by hotmustang331, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. LOL, 20 over on the street, you might want to step down to the ladies version of the V6 man, that will keep you nice an safe out there. :lol:

  2. I think he's referring to 20 over the limit. :shrug:
  3. 158MPH?? That is dumb. I have taken my car and my Dad's GT500 to 115MPH maybe 120MPH. That is fast enough and it seems like every 1 MPH after 110MPH increases by 10MPH!! It isn't safe. I braked safely at 120MPH. I will never go faster than that. It is just stupid. I don't want to kill myself, others, or wreck my car.
  4. Agreed

    And people wonder why our insurance rates are high..........
  5. That's a good point.

    OP....you gonna have to cough up expenses out of pocket, or dare you explain this one to your insurance co?
  6. No im paying out of pocket. Im getting a serious hookup with all the body and paint work (thank God for friends).

    insurance company has no idea this happened....I like my $8X per month full coverage insurance bill and I want it to stay that way. Like said, I am not one to pull stunts like this....so I dont get in trouble with the law.
    And when I do get on it, I make sure there are no cops around and that its in a pretty safe place.
  7. Oh. Youre right. What was I thinking? Ill trade my car in tomorrow
  8. Make sure you get Blue Book value, and make sure the V6 has zero mods, you will stay nice and safe that way.
  9. be glad you wasn't on your bike when you felt the"need for speed"
  10. Yeah. Wouldnt want to lose control of my car or anything
  11. Exactly
  12. We all make mistakes. He has come here and admitted his. Roasting his Azz is not needed. He has done so himself over and over. What we really need to look at is why it happened. First off. have you had the 155 limiter removed from the cars ECU? That could be why it shut down. Never depend on the ABS to save you. Most of the time it will make a high speed event worse.

    Now the reason he lost it. When entering a high speed, high G turn under power the weight load of the car is sitting fairly even or slight to the rear of the car. This keeps the contact patch of the tire constant. If you lift you have now transfered the weight to the front tires and unloaded the rears. This causes a serious over steer condition. sometimes called "Loose". Adding brakes just makes the condition that much worse. The best thing you can do is ease off the gas. Never jerk your foot off. Once you have eased off the gas you can apply some brake if needed. Just do it VERY easy with a slow constant pressure. You squeeze the brakes! Never HIT them! The concept is to keep the cars weight balanced. Even to the front and rear.

    I run my car at 180+ on a regular basis through long sweeping banked corners. Even with a huge wing and lots of down force, if I lift its all over.

    Before anyone flames, The car is a trailer queen and is only run on road coarse race tracks. I am a high speed racing instructor and have been doing it for 20+ years.

  13. Sweet :eek:

    But someone earlier says when you go over 150 you turn dumb, how do you manage to stay smart :D

    Sweet car man :nice:
  14. Great info on your post. We need more experienced people like yourself on these boards.

    All that you said, seems pretty simple, and I'm sure a lot of people are going "well, I knew that"... but really, you have to read it and picture in your head to REALLY understand it and put it to practice during every day driving situations in case on emergency.
  15. BlackDiamond.

    I highly recomend open track or (HPDE) track days for everyone. It is a great way to learn what your car can do in a safe enviroement. There should be a track near just about everyone and there should be someone pimpin that track out. Be it NASA, SCCA, SpeedVentures, Redline... Someone is running opentrack near you.

    For those that don't know. OpenTrack or (HPDE) is a real race track with corner workers and Fire and safety. Anyone can go and in any car. I have seen them all from VW bugs to full blown formula cars. Groups are aranged by experence and it is very safe. There are rules for passing called Point by. The car you want to pas must see you and actually point which side of the car you are to pass on. He holds his line and you go by. Each experence group has different areas for passing. Beginner is only straights and only with a point by.

    A lot of people think its too expensive. The price varys track to track. Even the most expensive ones are less than a nasty speeding ticket. For actual in the seat driving time its a much better deal than 20 -30 passes on a 1/4 mile. We can get 2-5 hours of behind the wheel on the track high speed fun in one day.

    I highly recomend it at least once. Careful its very addictive
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    If I left that insult up and then people who know and like the OP ( yes he is a respected member who help and provides info to many on here) would flame saleen and then this whole thread would go down the toilet.. Yeah that would be excellent... Maybe people would have ignored it but I have seen newer members like saleen get run off the site for flamming a respected member.

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    That sounds like a lot of fun, I would like to try and see how I do on a road course some day :)
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    Cody, good luck with the repairs. Be safe.
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