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  1. Now that my car is back and running, I am trying to get my Diablo custom tune back on. The problem is that when I restored the factory tune the handheld Diablo Predator Sport tuner completely reset. This tune was written over 9 years ago and I have since been through 3 laptops, so the custom file has been lost. I originally got the tune from RWTD with lifetime support, however, it seems they are no longer in business. Can anyone help me??
  2. If anyone is able to help me find a tune...

    2003 Mustang GT 4.6
    Running 93 Octane
    K&N cold air
    BBK 75mm TB
    Magnaflow catted x-pipe, cat-back system
    180* T-stat
    3:73 Ford Racing Gears

    Need a tune to match:
    - manual transmission
    - rev limiter: 6100
    - speed limiter: 255
    - COT: Off
    - Torque Management: Off
    - Traction Control: On
    - Rear O2s: On (maganaflow catted x does not trigger)
    - Fans -15 degrees from factory
    - Idle speed: Stock
    - Max Timing in upper RPMs is: 20 to 23 degrees
    - speedo adjustment: 3:73 gears
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  3. So let me ask this as well. Would it be better to have the standard performance tune installed and modified per dyno results. Or just buy one through e-mail for $75 ??
  4. You should be able to write your own custom tune using the DiabloSport.
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