Fox Lost Then Found.

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  1. Ten years ago I sold my first mustang: 86 with 93 body kit. Well I never forgot that car, and never had any feelings toward any other car except this one. I didn't think I would ever see her again, but I found her. It broke my heart to see her in this kind of shape. Well I bought it from a guy parting it out and was going to send it to the crusher when he was done. I haven't owned any other mustangs because I wanted this one back. I will keep updating my restoration progress as I go. Wish me luck. First thing I have to do is drive 500 miles round trip to trailer it back home.

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  3. Well first of all congrats on finding her. Sorry to hear about the present state though. It has to make you sick to see her in that shape. At least you found her and have the chance to restore it back to the glory when you owned it.

    I have a very similar story. Bought a brand new 87 vert and put over 25k into it. It was my baby that won shows all over the country. Had to sell it due to divorce and had not owned another in 10 years. By chance I saw that it was for sale on EBay a few months ago but didn't find out until after it was sold. Tracked down the guy who bought it who proceeded to tell me the interior was all torn up, someone broke into it, and the guy I sold it to ten years ago didn't take care of it- huge chips in the paint, not tuned, etc. This new guy bought it on Ebay for $6500 and said he put $3000 into it (when I asked him on what and added up the parts it came to maybe $1000) . I kind of told him my story and asked how much it would take to have him sell it to me.. The guy said $16000! :crap: Needless to say, I told him thanks but no thanks and I will just build another one. He has no clue about these cars and lives in California. The car has NO pollution control on it and he can't even register it without it passing smog as a DD. It kind of burned my ass that he thought he could make $6 grand off me.

    Here's a link to when I owned it back in the day...... it still kills me to think I could have bought her back for $6500 but missed the chance by a few months.

    Good luck with the rebuild and remember that it's a labor of love. Now that you have ten years of experience and knowledge, you can rebuild the car better than what you did last time.
  4. I left the seller in the dark as far as my history with the car goes. I'm sure he would have jacked up the price as soon as he realized how important it was to me. He asked $500, but I talked him down to $400 and to throw a set of wheels on it. The one thing I had on my side was the fact that there wasnt a living person on earth who would have taken the whole car, even if it was free. The amount of work needed just to get the shell stripped down to bare metal, and to get the body 100% straight.... My head hurts thinking about it, but I have time, and patients, and the will to bring this sad story back from the dead.
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  6. And so it begins...
  7. Very cool you found it! My '89 GT from high school was totaled and parted out by the guy I sold it to, so I will never have that chance to get it back. Good luck with your build.
  8. Damn Sam! You've got your work cut out for you, Mike. Good luck!
  9. Was this year model any special? Is there anything to differentiate this one from another 86? Just wondering why anyone would go through the trouble of a complete restoration when another could be had for little to nothing. I'm not shootin ya down Mike, but that is a hell of a lot of work!
  10. Awesome to hear! I have an 86GT. I f you need any help I'll try to give as much as I can. Hang in there for the fun....
  11. very nice man. was it red when you owned it, or yellow? good luck bud! i wish i could find my first stang, an 87 t-top GT, but i wouldn't even know where to start.
  12. If you still have the VIN you can do a search on it and see what state it is in now, and then call the DMV.