Lost To A Camaro

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  1. As the title states I got killed. Not as bad as you might think, I had him off the line and was about 2 car lengths in front of him, but when I tired to shift into 2nd it would not let me.

    I was grinding until my car went down to 4200 RPM's and by then I was too far behind and he stayed a steady car length ahead of me. I could have beaten him.

    I talk to him after, he had a 1995 lt1 auto camaro with 185000 on it. I should have had him easily :/ now I'm searching for a place to rebuild my trans, it's been giving me problems for years but today was sad.

    I'll get him next time! I figure since I'll be in there might as well do a pi motor swap ;) good plans for the future.
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  2. You forgot to mention uou were on a track, as street racing is illegal and not allowed on Stangnet... ;)
  3. Of course it was all track!! ;D I just forgot to mention that part, that's all.
  4. LT1s in stock form are stiff competition for even a stock PI car.
  5. Lt1's are pretty stout. My buddy has a 94 ws6 trans am and it is faster then a pi, But most camaros are auto and abused. I'm a ls1 firebird fan myself ;). I can't remember the last lt1 anything I've driven and was impressed. Ls1 abused it still pretty impressive but these new cars are killing us.
  6. if you cannot even shift properly maybe racing is not the best idea
  7. I can shift ;( my car will grind in any gear if I get on it now. Been driving stick since I was 15 for DD. The mustang is the only car I've owned that grinds if your RPM's are too high.
  8. Keep your rpms down then :cool:
  9. NOLA Motorsports has a track day where you run a 1/4 then continue onto the 2.5 mile road course. Much fan can be had.