Lot of Enkei 92 Fox wheels on eBay

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  1. I also have a set of Enkei 92's for sale.

    I recently bought them from a guy on recycler.com, but he told me they had a bolt pattern of 114x4. Unfortunately for me he was WRONG. The Enkei's actually have a bolt pattern of 108x4, which does not fit my car.

    I was told that this bolt pattern fits some Mustangs, Cougars, etc, so I'm looking to sell them for cheap since I can't use them. They are 15 inch wheels. I was told that they are 8 inches wide. The wheels show that they have an offset of zero.

    3 of the wheels have 215/60-15 tires and one tire has a 205/70-15 size tire. There's some tread left on each. There is road rash and minor dents on each of the wheels, but all tires hold pressure just fine.

    I'm looking to sell the set of 4 wheels with tires for only $150
    Sorry - Local Pickup Only in Los Angeles

    [email protected]
    email me for more photos

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  2. Here's the other 2 wheels.

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  3. Were at in LA I'll be down there all next week in the whittier, long beach, pamona areas.