Lots of 03/04 Cobra suspension parts! Brand New!

Discussion in 'Suspension Parts' started by duanee26, Oct 12, 2010.

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  1. I ordered all of the parts from Lethal Performance and Maximum Motorsports a few months back. I neveer got around to putting them on and sold the Cobra last week. All of this is brand new.

    1 ea. IRS Subframe Front Mounting Bolt, 1999-04 $5.99
    1 ea. IRS Subframe Front Mounting Nut, 1999-04 $1.99
    1 ea. IRS Rear Grip Package - Street $600.00
    1 ea. IRS Heavy Duty Crossmember, 1999-04 Cobra $50.00
    1 ea. Low Profile IRS Subframe Bolts, pair, 1999-04 Cobra $9.95
    1 ea. 2003-04 Cobra (Kenne-Bell or Whipple SC) Strut Tower Brace $100.00

    All of the above parts came from Maximum Motorsports. I have dramatically lowered to prices on all the expensive stuff. FOR THE IRS REAR GRIP PACKAGE, I WILL SELL AS THE PACKAGE OR BY INDIVIDUAL ITEMS. IF YOU WANT INDIVIDUAL ITEMS LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TELL YOU THE PRICES.

    1 ea. BilletFlow 03-04 Cobra Non-Slip Pulley System (Hub and 1 Pulley)
    •Pulley Size - 2.76
    •Color - Black (New Hard Coat Anodized)

    1 ea. BilletFlow 99-04 Cobra IRS Brace
    •Color - Red

    1 ea. Steeda 96-04 4130 Alloy Steel G-Trac Bar (A-Arm Brace) $30.00

    1 ea. Steeda 99-04 Cobra IRS Subframe Bracket Kit $20.00

    All of the above I got from Lethal Performance. Again I have lowered the prices.

    YOU CAN SEND ME A PM OR REPLY BUT IT IS BEST TO CALL ME AT 253-720-0099. My name is Duane. Thanks

    If by chance you would like all of this I will sell it all for $900
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