Expired Lots Of 5.0/302 Parts, Intakes, Heads, Blocks, Cam, Injectors, Etc

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  1. I have a few parts I'd like to get rid of.. cleaning out my garage.

    -306 block (4.03"), 3k miles. Nice cylinder walls with very visible cross hatch. It is a Roller block, with XXX cast. Has a complete rotating assembly with it, .010/.010 crank, reman'd rods, and .030 over hyperutectic pistons w/inline valve reliefs. Like I said, low low miles on this roller block. Ready for a 347 stroker kit, or reassembled with existing rotating assembly. New main, rod, cam bearings (3k miles). -$325 for everything, or $250 for block and $125 for rotating assembly. (plus shipping) add $100 for e303 cam.
    -e303 cam w/lifters, 20k miles. -$115 plus shipping
    -24lbs injectors w/ matching ford MAF. -$90 plus shipping
    -explorer upper/lower intake, 1" spacer, and 65mm throttle body. -$215 plus shipping
    -explorer upper/lower intake - $135 plus shipping
    -e7te heads. completely stock. ready for rebuild. -$25 plus shipping
    -302 short block. Roller. XXX cast. 20k miles (cross hatches still visible). has stock crank, rods, and hyper pistons. Ready for a cam and your top end. Is assembled. -$250 or $350 w/e303 cam installed plus shipping.
    -94-95 5.0 HO upper/lower - $20 plus shipping
    -5.0 factory shorty's - $20 plus shipping
    -gt-40p heads - 80k miles, $325 plus shipping

    Thats all I can think of off the top of my head.
    Will have pics available by the Friday evening.

    Some of the packages if you're interested in more than one item and a nice discount to help me clear out some space.
    1)Gt-40 package - Explorer upper/lower, 1" spacer, 65mm Throttle body, 24lbs injectors with matching MAF, and the e303 w/lifter --- $370 plus shipping
    Any other combination you want, I'll give you a good deal.
  2. Might be interested in GT40P's and E303 cam just not sure if i'ma go the more expensive trickflow top end route or the cheaper gt40 one.
  3. Would you do 80 shipped on the 24 lbs and mass air
  4. how much for the explorer upper/lower including the hardware , 24 lbers and MAF.... can you tell me what the MAF is off of. Anything wrong with the injectors or other parts.
  5. 24 and maf still available?
  6. Is the 24 lb injectors and maf still available, if so i am willing to pay the 90
  7. Sorry about the long wait for a reply.

    First $435 gets the following shipped:
    -explorer upper/lower
    -1"phenolic spacer
    -new upper/lower gaskets
    -65mm egr delete spacer
    -65mm throttle body (explorer with mustang linkage)
    -24lbs ford injectors w/chrome rails
    -1993 cobra 80mm/73mm 24lbs injector (80inlet/73outlet)
    -MAC cold air w/heat shield and new cone filter
    -b303 cam with lifters (normal and even wear --- mistake earlier on saying it was an e303)

    if you dont want the CAI and b303 w/lifters --- $300 plus shipping. gimme your zip and i'll give you an accurate total.
  8. no. in fact, i now have a 80mm/73mm 1993 cobra MAF with 24lbs injectors and chrome fuel rails. the price is now $100. (upgrade of the MAF reflects this.)

    if you want them freshened up with all new o-rings, (8 upper/8 lower), new retainers, new filters, and pintle caps -- $125 shipped. Add in the CAI and I'll go $175 shipped. Add in the 65mm throttle body to complete the package -- $225 shipped.

    Prices are firm. Sorry if the increase in price sounds like bad business, but it is what it is.
  9. do you still have the e cam?
  10. Do you still have the 306? total for 306 and rotating assy and cam shipped to 23112, or picked up if you're near virginia. Is it assembled now or will I need to put it together? Any feedback on what cam to use with that block and otherwise stock engine with CAI,chip,full exhaust?
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