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  1. I am still wiring my car with a universal painless wiring kit and have a few questions I hope you guys could help me with. I need to know which wire(s) is the Headlight Switch B+. I actually 2 need to places on the switch if there is 2. The wire for the headlight switch that controls the intstrument panel. The wire for the wiper switch B+. The wire for the Turn signal switch flasher B+. And where where is the switch for the brakes. Its been so long since I have been able to drive my car that I have forgotten the joys of driving a classic and your help as always is greatly appreciated.
  2. Sorry, i dont know the answer to your question. But i just want to say, " Go Tech! Boo Dawgs!"
  3. B+ is marked on the switch body. Look at the terminals and next to them you'll see the markings. In the '65 model year a orange-black wire connected here. One of the two terminals located farthest back when viewed from the drivers seat and looking into the dash cutout (nearest the front of the car with the switch mounted in the dash).

    The instrument lights are fed by the terminal on the near left corner of the switch as its mounted in dash. It normally has a blue-red tracer wire attached. This goes to the fuse block for instrument lighting then to the instrument lights themselves.

    B+ also goes to the brake light switch and then to the brake lights.

    The flasher is fed from the ACC position of the ignition switch. Then the flasher is wired to the turn signal switch.
  4. Thanks for the reply I forgot to mention that my car is a 68. So I don't know if the wires would be the same as a 65. Oh BTW GO DAWGS!!!!
  5. There are differences in '65 and '66 wiring. Notwithstanding the circuits you inquired about are wired the same.