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  1. hey now. that would be cool for an LCD Screen placed where that stereo is. So then you could have gaming, computer, and GPS all in one. :D

    Good Pics Tyler :nice:
  2. Don't give me credit for them, look at the bottom right corner of the picks for their origin.

    Also, notice the pictures of the "Shaker 1000". It is an MP3 player. I am curious if this is the replacement for the Mach 460/1000?
  3. that would be perferct for the car mp3 player I want to build...awesome
  4. Every time I see that intake, it keeps screaming "RAM AIR". How long before somebody does it? Hell, if there's a $20k V8, I'll be buying one, so I'll probably try to fab up a ram air kit.
  5. Yea it def looks like it would make for a good ram air set up, I think a ram air hood would look sick on it too. I love the new interior, no more shifter in the dash...and you can turn the passanger airbag off!!! I still have scars form the stupid airbag when Ranger and I got into a accident in his stang. That dash is just calling for some kinda display screen
  6. I love that interior...it's so clean and uncluttered. Plus I love the short knobby stick on the manual.

    It would have been perfect if the put the ignition on the dash instead of the steering column.
  7. the stereo is maded by Audiophile (a Delphi company). it's a 6-disc CD/MP3 In-Dash Changer, available in 500 & 1000 watt systems. the large round "speakers" on the doors are actually subwoofers...the speakers are internal on the door (you can see them better in the lighter colored interior shots).

  8. Have to agree. It is just begging for a red backlit start button in place of the power point socket, central above the radio. (from what I understand, there is another socket in the center console, anyway.) The parts are already out there in the aftermarket, and would look great there.

    I am thinking that the panel around the radio and HVAC controls needs to be aluminum, as well. It looks good in black too, though.
  9. I like how they finally added anti-whiplash seats. Im torn between putting my headreasts up and dealing with how bad it looks or getting whiplash if I ever get rear ended...tough call.
  10. That's a V6, right?
  11. Take it from me - keep your headrests up in their correct position---

    I got rear ended back in '88. I was in a '85 Mitsubishi Champ hatchback, stopped at a red light. I had removed the headrests cuz I thought it looked better that way. A 77 y.o. drove right into the back of my car at only about 25mph. I got a mild case of whiplash but to this day my neck is always giving me problems when I'm on airliners and I try to put my head back and get some sleep. I'm basically OK but something got tweaked in my neck and it's never been the same since the wreck. And I'm a lucky person who hasn't been severely disabled by whiplash. If you get a bad case of whiplash you can kiss goodbye playing sports or being comfortable when you're just sitting down. Or you could break your neck.... and that would be a lot worse.

    BTW, the car wasn't totalled and I took the insurance settlement and travelled thru Europe for 3 months. Great trip!
  12. Ack, is that another PLASTIC intake? You'd think they'd change that with all the flak they got over the 99+ intake.