Lots of new goodies! ~56k WARNING!~

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  1. Vortech + Lots of new goodies! ~56k WARNING!~

    A few weeks ago I started ordering parts, then last week they all showed up...here are the results :nice:

    Modular Powerhouse Vortech Mongoose kit with MPH 4" boost pipe:

    ^ Mongoose kit fully installed! It took Vortech a damn WEEK to get a replacement oil feed line to me (The one in the kit came cracked, tightened it up and it just fell apart!!!)... Oh and first they sent me the WRONG part!! :bs: They sent me the oil feed inlet nozzle for the supercharger...anyway, after a call to Vortech I ****ed them into sending me the CORRECT part overnight :nice:
    ^MPH boost pipe, pretty much self explanitory!
    ^This is how I mounted the IAT sensor - after the blower inbetween the blower and discharge tube!
    ^Here are the vacuum lines, Tee'd off for bypass valve - and later down the line for the boost gauge! :flag:

    Autometer C2 gauges and GaugeWorks dual instrument bezel pod:

    ^MAC white gauge faces, instrument bezel painted with Dark Charcoal interior paint from 50resto.com.
    ^All lit up! To make the light behind the instrument cluster darker blue I put #37 blue LED bulbs in - replacing the stock white bulbs. Eventually I figure I'll order a set of EL Glow gauge faces from Speedworks.com to match the C2 gauges
    ^Closeup of the A/F gauge - it's not "just a light show" as I have it hooked up to an Innovate LC-1 wideband controller.
    ^Using the supplied serial cable (and a serial to USB converter for my laptop) I hooked up the LC-1 to my lappy-top to monitor AND log my A/F (car is at idle)
    ^Vacuum/boost gauge showing -20 at idle! :crazy:

    Raptor Performance shift light:

    ^I mounted it in the drivers side center console air vent :)

    I would have more pictures but my camera ran outa battery; I needa snap a few of the oilpan tap for the oil-return-line, and how I mounted the LC-1 :D I still need to take it to the dyno and get my numbers (I'm hoping for 360hp/tq?) and while I'm there have the MM full length subs I ordered yesturday installed as well! Your comments are welcome, and any questions too!
  2. Parts look awesome man.Glad you like your new found power and hopefully it will produce the numbers your wanting!!! Those gauges look sweet!:hail2:

    :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. that is just a thing of beauty!!! I really like the gauge setup, nice without being ricey. :nice:
  4. :drool:

    Congrats man :nice:
  5. I love the shift light placement. Can you still use the AC?
  6. You got it going on mang! :nice:
  7. so did you get an S or SQ trim...nice kit and i like those gauges
  8. looks awesome man... was this a spur of the moment decision? I half expected that you got a new midpipe, or wheels or something... haha you're so nonchalant about it "oh hey, check out this supercharger i decided to get". yea im jealous
  9. Yeah totally! The Shift light is just BARELY in the actual vent, and there is a little cross bar which the grate thingy pivots on so basically you can't put it far enough in there for it NOT to work!

    V2 SQ! It's pretty damn quiet, I was really suprised! Very nice for a daily driver though :nice:

    Haha well it sort of was... I had it planned for November of last year, but unfortunatly my rear end was all jacked up and I had to either get it fixed ($600) or just go for the Cobra IRS and have some fun with that (about twice as much, but way more than twice as much fun :Word: ). Basically, the blower was ordered when I had saved up the money again - and has most surely been the best single purchase I've made for my car thus far :flag:
  10. very impressive, you must be a pretty talented mechanic!
  11. Heh thanks! I'm not a mechanic by trade, though I've thought about doing a tech program after college so I would have a chance at a second career.
  12. :drool: , Yeah, im not going to lie to you, i'm a little jealous right now. :nice: