Lots of oil in my intake! PCV Delete?

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  1. First, yes, I've done of lots of searching on the subject but am looking for a direct response.

    My car is a '00, its supercharged (vortech) and intercooled. I've been getting lots of oil in my intake and also my exhaust is producing ALOT of fumes/smoke. From what I've researched, I am thinking its the PCV, but would like some opinions from you guys.

    Which brings me to my next question. PCV delete. Anyone here have experience with it? What would be the best way of doing it?

    Appreciate any help in advance. :)
  2. A PCV delete won't deal with the root cause: Why is the crankcase being pressurized and pushing oil through the PCV system?

    IMO, you still want positive crankcase ventilation but you need to find out why oil is migrating through the system. BTW, a catch can might help reduce the amount of oil making it into the engine.

    I'd include a leakdown and compression test as part of dealing with this situation.
  3. It will lower the amount of oil going into your intake, but you are not addressing the problem. Typically, when you start getting excessive oil through the PCV system, you are having too much positive crankcase pressure. In a boosted car on a stock bottom, it doesnt take much to screw up the rings and get blow-by. That is where some of the pressure from the cylinders is going by the rings and into the crankcase creating positive crank case pressure.

    Go with a seperator. You can make one with stuff from any hardware store for about $20 vs buying one. Search for it, the guide is out there.

    As was said earlier, do the leakdown and compression tests. It will tell you a lot about how your rings are doing. If you are getting excessive blow-by, I would start planning now for a rebuild.
  4. Don't be so quick to blame your pcv. Usually when the happens with centri style blowers it's actually one of the seals in the blower and not the car. Take off the inlet and see if there is oil sitting in the valute and on the impeller. You really can't get one without the other but if you have it I would look at the blower and not the engine.
  5. Alright vertigan, i'll go with the separator and see about getting those tests done. And just to make sure, the separator goes on the drivers side, correct? where the vent tube on the valve cover is?

    darkside03gt, there was oil sitting there, but theres no way the s/c can be bad, i JUST got it back from vortech and it was rebuilt, seals and bearings replaced. But Before I had it sent off I was having these oil issues, so I dont think its the s/c.
  6. Here is a write up that I saw a long time ago. I did this when I had my KB, but I actually used 2.....one for each side of the engine. I saw most of the oil coming from the passenger side that goes to the plenum. There was a little from the drivers side that goes to the intake, but not enough to worry about. You can hide them if you want, which is what I did. Unless you looked, you would have never found them.

    With my new build, I went with something completly different. I kept the PCV system, but ran it to a breather tank. Both sides merge into one hose than into the breather tank.
  7. What part of the intake are you getting oil in? Before or after the throttle body?
  8. Turns out I have a blown head gasket. New engine here I come.
  9. I also have oil in my intake, more than I would expect......actually quite common with the newer mustangs. Compression and leak down test we're good/great. Only 35000mi! It seemed to have more pressure out of the passenger side(befor throttle body) than the driver side(manifold) I ran straight breather caps on the valve covers and played with the manifold port as that was more than twice the size of the other one(befor tb) by played with I mean put a breather filter there too and watched o2's and fuel trim until I was close to stoikeometric air fuel ratio! I noticed that the filters on the valve covers would start to get saturated in oil and eventually start dripping. I changed it back to get my car smoged and want to do something similar. I was thinking of just putting an inline water/oil separator (I know there is no water.....air will flow through it just fine) because they are not too big and can be installed and monitored easily and there cheep. Has anyone done this? Sounds like a good idea but would like feedback?