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  1. *****UPDATE*******

    Still for sale..............

    stock D0OE heads (complete), Drivers side fender, front valance, rear valance, 66 front seats, 69/70 Mach1 seats, 66 hood, 65/66 front and rear bumpers, brand new black 66 dash, brand new 66 door panels, brand new door seals, brand new kick panels, complete 66 wiring, and a few other things. Let me know if you need anything.



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  2. What are you asking for the 351 heads if they are still for sale? Whats all been done to them? Will you ship? 55920 is my zip.
  3. What type of rearend do you have and with 4 or 5 lug and what gears?
  4. Its a 8inch and 5 lug. Gears i dont know. I can find out this weekend for you.


  5. I've been out of the Mustang loop for a while, so, dumb question; will the front end fit on a 69 Mustang coupe? i have a 302 HO out of a 97 gt, just basic stuff, no special editions or anything. I need more stopping power than just all drum no power. :)
  6. im not sure if it will fit, sorry. but how did you get a 302 out of a 97 gt when they stopped putting 302s in mustangs after 95?:D

    as of right now the whole front end is spoken for.

    and dave i havent forgoten about you. i couldnt make it out to the shop this weekend. but if your still interested in the 8 inch let me know.

  7. Like i said i've been out of it for a while. I used to know a lot of Mustang history that would raise some eyebrows. Plus that's what my couisn told me. It seemed wrong but i just rolled with it. All I know is that it's got some goodies, ( the little things that sit on or around the push rods) roller cams and it's not even broken in (it still has the honing marks on the cylinders), no carbon, and its a really really nice golden brown. :D
  9. Hello!! I have a 66 mustang that used to be a 4 lug car and im making it a 5 lug and i bought a power steering unit off of a 65 5 lug and i need the power steering pitman arm.How much do you want for one if you have it.
  10. sorry the front end is sold. pm strange65 because he has it now. not sure what his plans are.
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