Lotsa parts ! Elec fan, Alternator, sheetmetal, etc

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by damannhw, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Got a lot of leftover items in my shed I wanna sell before it gets cold. Just e-mail me w/ questions or offers. Thanks !

    90's Taurus electric fan works great $40
    View attachment 425402
    View attachment 425404

    90's Taurus high output alternator $ SOLD

    Brand new Ford Motorsport aluminum Std rotation water pump p/n M-8501-G351 $40
    View attachment 425406

    '65 or '66 Mustang hood. Original FORD w/ no rust. SOLD
    '65 or '66 289 breather and valve covers, need paint. SOLD[/B

    Stock C4 torque converter w/ 2000 miles. $100 obo
    View attachment 425408

    Also have a new torque converter for large bell housing C4. 1000 rpm over stock stall. Brand new never installed !! $200 obo.

    Many other items. See shelf pics and ask !!
    View attachment 425410
    View attachment 425412
  2. Are those Shelby underrider traction bars for a 66, next to the springs under the swaybar?

    If so how much shipped to 61802?
  3. Yes, they are brand new, I never even put them on ! They came from CJ Pony and cost $80 new + ship. If you want them, I'll take $60 + ship. Shipping looks like $23 by FedEx. LMK, David
  4. SOLD update :

    hood & valences
    traction bars
    breather & valve covers
  5. what is that carb? and you wouldnt happen to have a coil for 170 straight would you? i know i can get one new but i would rather help out a fellow stanger
  6. No carbs or coils. Sorry !
  7. will those fenders fit a schwinn 26"

    :D :rlaugh:
  8. :rlaugh: Yes sir, they will fit just fine ! They came off of a 26" bike. That's one of my other hobbies ! Got any old Schwinns or Hot Wheels cars for sale :D
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