Loud Fuel Pump Normal?

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  1. I got a ford tech to replace my bypassed heater core and to convert my AC to the new style the other day for pretty good price compared to what all Ford Dealerships were quoting me. However, after he drove it he told me that my fuel pump was probably about to quit. He said it was very loud and was about to quit/ need replaced. It seemed like every fox that I have drove had a loud fuel pump. Is it true that the louder the fuel pump, the less life the pump has in it? I thought it was really loud myself, but I thought it was normal/ hatch back letting in extra noise.
  2. Typically they get loud on the way out...

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  3. Mine can be heard over the exhaust at idle. It is however, a 225L high pressure. If yours is stock and can also be heard, then your mechanic is probably right.
  4. While I do believe a that loud stock pump is a pump that's on it's last leg. You never know when it's going to take crap. I drove around with a screaming stock pump for 1.5 years before I replaced it with my 190LPH. It just wouldn't quit...
  5. 255's tend to be loud. Stockers should be quiet. If yours is making a whining or high pitched sound, then I'd recommend changing it now before it leaves you stranded. A 155 or even a 110 is good enough for your application.
  6. My fuel pump has been loud for years. It just cut the ghost not to long ago. I replaced it with a walbro 255 which was quiet for about a week and now is loud just like the one I replaced. No idea myself but I also have no back seat to dampen the whine

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  7. My stock pump got loud for a few months.

    Then it quit.