Loud ticking i mean LOUD!

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  1. so im driving my moms stangs which is a 91 white htbk with a dohc 4 cylinder to the local taco house... while im sitting in the drive through i hear this tick tick tick tick ..... then it got loud as sh** all the sudden like really loud.... so i took it for a quick spin on the freeway and it supddered and shifted irractially ??? made it home :hail2: but wanna know if any body has any ideas.... also oil pressure gauge looks like its off dosent even move up but then again the tach also reads 4 grand at idle..... so i have no clue please help !!!:shrug:
  2. I'm more interested in how you got a DOHC motor in there. Is it a duratech swap? Or a Volvo head conversion? Sounds very interesting.

    WE cant help you out until we know what motor is in there. I'm only familiar with the stock 2.3L SOHC engine, but would love to have a duratech in the fox...
  3. Agreed. Did you do an engine swap or did you mean SOHC 2.3L? Anyway, this could be a multitude of problems. Anywhere from failed engine internals, to a cracked flywheel, to an automatic transmisson issue. But, if you did lose oil pressure, I would say it is the engine. Your tachometer issue is a failing ignition module or bad tach. Replace the module first. It's a lot easier.
  4. I'd try checking the oil...