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  1. Want more exhaust volume--like the sound, just want more intensity.

    I have a 2001, Laser Red Cobra Vert, with Magnaflow X with Cats, and a Dynomax Catback--how can I make it louder? Headers?....and of course, still be legal (emissions and volume) since I'm a law-abiding citizen.....

    I wanna scare the birds and waste gas.....

    May put in a supercharger--any thoughts; but want it louder first.


    Other mods--sweet car:

    CC Plates
    Eibach Lowering Springs
    Bilstein Shocks
    Diablo Sport Chip
    3.9 Gears
    14 Inch rotors front, cross-drilled, slotted, ventilated
    Baer 6-piston front
    matching rotor rear
    Kenny Brown Extreme sub frame matrix
    Saleen Light Bar
    Saleen Body Kit
    2000 Cobra R wheels Chrome (18 X 9.5)
    285/35/18 Dunlop Sport 9000 all around
  2. The easiest way to make it louder is to switch to an off-road midpipe or cut off the cats on your current X-pipe. When annual inspections roll around, you can swap in the factory H-pipe to pass emissions (if a sniffer test is required).

    Depending on what state you live in,
    (visual/smog restrictions) longtubes may or may not be feasible. They would help make your exhaust note somewhat louder & "deeper."

    You could also experiment with different muffler combinations, different brands, or run dumps, (or even go without mufflers).
    Lots of options out there...
  3. Loud:

    SLP LT Headers
    SLP X-Pipe
    SLP Loud Mouth CB

    This thing just ROCKS the house!!!

  4. I would like to hear that set-up. Nice. :banana:
  5. The loudest meanest mustang I ever heard had the JBA mid lengths, JBA H and JBA catback. that thing freaking screamed.