Louisiana Stangers

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  1. Since we seem to have lost our thread I thought I'd get a new one going.

    I have a question for panapower. Did you get the Mustang dyno day going? I have 3 including me that are interested.

    Also...Louisiana boys and girls...post up so we know where you are. If we can get a good amount maybe we can get a meet together or something.
  2. Yep, the dyno day thread is gone but fortunately I have it from another site so I'll be reposting it back up again. No, I have not get the Mustang Dyno day up and running since everyone wanted to know when it was for and most people were not going to be ready until May.

    Yes, the louisiana contingency of mustangs on this forum need to post up again so we know where you are!
  3. Well?.... :damnit: post up you blockheads....
  4. The monthly Tanger Outlet cruise in is Saturday April 16th in Gonzales. It is every second Saturday of the month.
  5. First Annual Petco Car show in Kenner today 4/16. had some mustangs out there that looked really tight.
  6. The Mustang Dyno Day is May 28th...post here if you plan to attend...
  7. Goi > Dd :-d
  8. I'm here no stang but i am selling the focus to get one.
  9. Did you get your cams in? Lost track of you...
  10. traded them for a turbo kit
  11. Ahhhh... :nice: So you are selling the Focus???
  12. yep i am buyin a 95 gt
  13. Checking in from River Ridge. Hope to get the 3.55's in this summer.

  14. Working on a setting up a local Mustang club...local being South Louisiana. Anyone interested???

  15. Hi Rick. I am but with 3 boys and 1 on the way in October it seems I don't have time for anything.

    Check out www.fpacarclub.com. It is a local, large group for all Fords not just Mustangs. They also sponsor a couple of drag racing events a year at NPR and Gulfport.

  16. Hey guys I just got a 94 gt Vert automatic..
    I'm in baton rouge, if anyone wants to hook up or something let me know. I don't know much about cars but I'm always learning.
  17. I know what you mean about lack of time. I have 4 myself...16 to 4. Between proms, baseball/softball and pre school graduations I'm pretty frazzled.

    Thanks for the link...

    Oh...Hey Sage2k...welcome here too.
  18. note to self... in order to keep up with stuff going on in the South La area, read this forum

    it's sad man. I've been on this forum for a few years, and never venture into this area. Luckily Rick mentioned it at work a few days ago.

    Any big shows this summer?
  19. Back from the dead...

    Any new people around?