Lousy Replacement Doorlock Actuators

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  1. I got a replacement doorlock actuator. The thing was so weak it cant get the job done. Is this just a fluke or is there cheap ass actuators that are basically a waste of time and money?
  2. My driver side is great my passenger is weak. Bought new from LMR recently I didn't get a chance to check voltage yet or do much troubleshooting. Might be dirty switches losing some conductivity I'm hoping.
  3. Mine were just fine. But they do not give the loud clunks you would expect. See jrichker's write up for a better replacement. Also, avoid NAPA's $125 replacement ones. They look like they are made by the same company.
  4. Follow this link to fix your door lock actuator problems http://bellsouthpwp.net/l/r/lrichker/Mustang_tech/door_actuator_fix/1_of_8_door_actuator.htm

    Stuck with door lock actuators that don't work and don't want to pay the $50+ for a new one? Tried the junkyard ones and found that they last six months and freeze up?

    A new actuator for less than $5. Fix one side for $18, do both sides for only $25. I don't sell parts, I don’t make any money off of the upgrade, I just tell you how to do it cheaply and easily.

    Here’s a picture of the new actuator installed:


    By the way, I am still using the same $4 actuators I bought in 2002 and this is the second Mustang I have installed them in! Beat that with your fancy replacements!
  5. I wound up getting an OEM actuator on ebay for $40. Problem solved.

    That is a nice way to convert them though. Maybe next time around.