love my 03 snake but damn......

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  1. Just a question for 03 Cobra owner,my passenger seat rubs my door pretty bad, anyone got the same problem?Ford says 2003 cobra have bulkier seats anyone have the same?

    ford really doesn't want my next purchase........ may have to buy a vette
  2. What is BADLY?

    I wouldnt even know what kind of FIX there will have to be for that.

  3. the seat squeeks when someone is in it,and it's gonna rub a whole in the seat
  4. If I was you I would buy the vette.
  5. Well, not to sound mean, but how HEAVY is the person IN the seat?
  6. There is a TSB for the seat rub. Vettes have problems too, if you aren't complaining about mustang seats, you'd complain about oil usage or locking steering columns on the vette.

    Article No. 03-1-5
    FORD: 1999-2003 MUSTANG

    1. Remove the front passenger seat per Workshop WARRANTY STATUS: Eligible Under The
    Manual procedure listed in Section 501-10. Provisions Of Bumper To
    Bumper Warranty Coverage

    2. Remove the front passenger seat backrest and OPERATION DESCRIPTION TIME
    latch per Workshop Manual procedure listed in 030105A Install Shims To Move 0.8 Hr.
    Section 501-10. Only remove the top two bolts Seat Away From Door
    of latch (Figure 1). Discard lower bolt. Trim Panel (Includes Time
    To Remove And Install

    3. Obtain Seat Shim Kit 1R3Z-63000A25-AB.

    4. Install four (4) of the 1.5mm-thick washers (8 DEALER CODING
    included in kit with a 12.1- 12.4mm I.D.) CONDITION
    between the seat backrest bracket and the seat BASIC PART NO. CODE
    bottom cushion frame (Figure 2). 7661018 07
    OASIS CODES: 101000, 107000, 702000, 702300

    5. Install other four (4) of the 1.5mm-thick washers
    between the seat backrest latch and the seat
    backrest frame at the upper bolt location
    (Figure 1).

    6. Install the three (3) 2mm thick washers (smaller
    I.D.) between the seat backrest latch and the
    seat backrest frame at the lower bolt location
    (Figure 1).

    7. Using the bolt that is provided in the kit for the ISSUE
    lower hole, Re-install the seat backrest latch Some vehicles may exhibit the passenger seat
    using the reverse of the procedure listed in rubbing against the door panel or trim. This may
    Section 501-10. result in a squeak type noise, especially in vehicles
    equipped with leather seating. This may be caused

    8. Re-install the seat backrest using the reverse of
    by the seat position in the vehicle. the procedure listed in Section 501-10.

    9. Re-install seat into vehicle using the reverse of
    To service, install shims (washers) to move the the procedure listed in Section 501-10.
    Slide seat-back away from the door trim. Refer to the seat towards center console before tightening
    following Service Procedure for details. seat to floor.

    10. Verify that seat does not touch door panel.
    1R3Z-63000A25-AB Kit - Seat Shim MAY CAUSE THE SEAT TRACK TO MOVE

    NOTE: The information in Technical Service Bulletins is intended for use by trained, professional technicians with the knowledge, tools, and equipment to do
    the job properly and safely. It informs these technicians of conditions that may occur on some vehicles, or provides information that could assist in proper
    vehicle service. The procedures should not be performed by “do-it-yourselfers”. Do not assume that a condition described affects your car or truck. Contact a
    Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury dealership to determine whether the Bulletin applies to your vehicle.
    Copyright ã 2002 Ford Motor Company PAGE 1
    Article No. 03-1-5 Cont’d.
    Figure 1 - Article 03-1-5
    Figure 2 - Article 03-1-5
    PAGE 2
  7. the problem i have is the way ford is treating this issue,they just don't seem like they want to help me .....
  8. Ok, I just gave you the TSB that ford put out for this problem. So how is Ford not fixing the problem? They did treat the issue, they issued the TSB. Fix it yourself if you don't want to go to a dealer. Shouldn't take too long.
  9. Yea, if the dealer won't do it take it to another one and/or call the customer service hotline. I'd try to get it resolved through the dealer first, they tend to get upset when they get a call from the customer service people, but then again if they would have done the right thing in the first place they wouldn't have got that call.
  10. uhhh

    Thats is one of the many Ford Quality issues with the car. I have the same thing. It wasnt noticable until someone actually sat the passenger seat for a quick test drive..then it was rubbing against the door. I think the dealer can doo something about it from what I have heard via the net. I wouldnt let them touch my car though.. Seems like mine has gone away...but I rarely have someone sit in the passenger seat.. SLows the car down too much hahaha

    I try to ignore all the Ford SOund effects. I have the sqealing driversxz side window too. Its really loud...makes people look... SOmeone that works for ford told me the name of the stuff to grease the track with to fix it but i forget now.. ANYONE KNOW WHAT THAT STUFF IS CALLED?

    Once my car is payed off, I am getting a nice loud exhaust to drown out all the strange noises... lets see.....

    1. seat rubbing
    2. sqealing window
    3. popping sound from rear
    4. something sounds weird when the car starts cold now too...still ran 11.7 that way so I guess its not that serious..

    I too would try a vette when the day comes that I am ready for another toy.. RIght now I have to focus on keeping the Volvo alive until the stang is payed for...and then buying a new commuter.....oh and a house would be nice too :lol:
  11. You are right. If I were you I would buy a house. Imagine owning a piece of property and having $250,000 in equity in it within 4 years after buying it. Then you can buy a Vette or another Cobra. Brand new ones that is. :D
  12. Just curious, but are you REALLY RON JEREMY?
  13. A seat rub that Ford will fix for free and you're ready to jump into a vette over it? wow.
  14. Ya think that there's only one? :D
  15. The seat isnt the only issue, It's the lack of c/s that I recieve when I call to complain about the problem with Ford and the dealer.......

    p/s I'll never ever ever ever ever ever buy a vette.....

    predators don't sleep with the prey......12 and 1 to c5 vettes
    lost to a modz06 after i dusted his ass stock .......
    7,000 he spent

    thats yo ass mr vetteman.......