Love My Stang On LOW FUEL!!

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  1. So my "LOW FUEL" light came on this morning, and I couldn't help but give it some speed. Wow, what a difference between a full tank of gas, and almost no gas. The car seems to accelerate so much faster, and the handling feels more aggressive with all of the weight up front. I'm almost tempted to just put a couple of gallons in every time, instead of filling up, just so it can feel like this more often, but then I would be getting gas every couple of days :D Has anyone else noticed a big difference in performance when their stang is low on fuel??
  2. So, did you run out of gas?

    Ive never run out on mine yet. Im curious to know how much is left in the tank once that light comes on
  3. when mine comes on and i fill up i usually drop about 13.8 gallons in my take so im guessing its a 14.7gallon tank and that would give you roughly 20 miles of normal person driving...
  4. I think gas weighs about 10lbs a gallon, so running low is like dropping
    100lbs or more. Sometimes I take out the spare tire, jack, tire iron also.
    All that is like getting rid of a fat passenger, cant hurt.
    I mean nobody has a fat guy ride shotgun during a quarter mile run!
  5. Yes; Big difference. I put $10 in at a time. Think about it; If you fill up, the extra weight impairs your gas milage. Or at least thats my theory. For every 100lbs. you lose, your car will theoretically run .1 sec. faster in the 1/4 mile.
  6. 10 dollars at a time? If thats a daily driver you sure dont get far in between fillups.
  7. No, I dont :D . Actually I do that because I dont like to see the mega reduction in wallet size after a fill up :owned:
  8. I only do $10 at a time. With gas prices SLOWLY coming down i don't want to spend a lot of cash today and use it up all week when prices drop 20 cents.

    Anyway the reserve is about 3 gallons but this can vary depending on if the car is parked at an angle or moving. I don't trust it at all. As soon as low fuel comes on, i go get gas.

    I try to keep my car at 1/2 tank or less just for the weight reason....except if it's snowing or raining...then i want the weight
  9. A gallon weighs 6 pounds.
  10. Our car have low fuel light?!
    didn't know that
  11. I've ran my car for 43 miles on the low-fuel light.. When I filled up, I got 15.1 gallons or so, or maybe it was 14.9.. but it was something like that..

    I never have really noticed a difference, because I try to stay out of the gas pedal when I get that bastardized yellow light :(
  12. Full tank is a little over 90 lbs, I fill up full all the time.
  13. Your fuel pump isnt too fond of the idea of running hard with little gas, lol.
  14. Your not going to feel a big difference really, gaining maybe a 1/10th and plus that only works once your rolling because the weight in the back might help with traction.

    I wouldn't let the tank get lower than a 1/4 of a tank for a couple reasons, emergencies...and just not good to run so low that you are sputtering.

    Just my thoughts:)
  15. Take out the pass seat and rear seat and you'll be even faster :)
  16. Thats what I've heard. You should always fill up when the car reaches a 1/4 of a tank. Otherwise your fuel pump could die....real quick.
  17. i normally take it easy when the light comes on, but i havent noticed any feeling of gains with the gas out. Actually i think my car runs better with an 1/8th of a tank instead of sucking fumes with the light on

  18. It changes with temp...
  19. Dorsai - Not much at all though...not really enough to register anything. Plus, gas sits in the tank (in the shade;)), it isn't under the hood...
  20. No, it really dosen't change.