Fox Love That Big Brown Truck!

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  1. I wasn't looking for new wheels but I found a deal I couldn't pass up on these used. So,,, new look coming soon to a vert near you!
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  2. nice! post pics so i can see how they look on my car.... said the narcissist....

    seriously tho nice move!
  3. I'll post pics as soon as I can. I'm pretty busy so it might be a couple weeks before I get a chance to go get them swapped.
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  4. Wanna' see those on!!!
  5. Saleen sc?
  6. ah yes, the springtime honey-do list. a well timed strategy to be loaded up on a ton of chores... speed/timing is critical as to not get done too quickly or the list will grow and consume mustang dollars
    and playtime....
  7. Yeah they are the SC replica's. 17x8" fronts and 17x9" rears. Another reason it's gonna take me a couple weeks is that I need to get a couple of new Nitto's for the front.
    I'm trying not to piss off the wife too bad. I figure that by spreading it out the spending a bit I won't get in too much trouble. LOL
  8. So we both went from fans to scs with same color car thats awesome. I found a guy who makes saleen over lays for them that look much better then the R if you want
  9. Yeah we seem to have similar tastes.
    I don't like the centercaps on the SC's either. I found some 2-1/4" diameter black background /silver Running Pony center cap decals I'm gonna stick on them.
    I think that will look just fine.
  10. very cool ! love your car man keep up the clean work !
  11. THANKS! Back atcha!
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  12. Update: Finally got a chance to get my tires swapped to the new wheels.
    I know the SC's are a dime a dozen these days but I got a pretty good deal on them. I found some little Horsey center cap "decals" on Ebay to dress them up a bit.
    Not a bad looking 4lug rim!
    IMG_20140611_154343_190.jpg IMG_20140611_154735_694-1.jpg
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  13. Looks great ! hey what is your catch can setup of you don't mind me asking how you set it up
  14. I have a Moroso oil breather tank (mounted on the coil cover). I ran a hose from it over to the little stob under the oil filler cap on the passenger side valve cover.
    Seems to work fine.
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  15. hey do you have a link for those caps?....looks great!
  16. Hmmm, I'll look back to see if I can find it. I worded my post wrong "which have now corrected". They are actually centercap decals that I applied to the original caps. I pealed off the metal "ZR" decals and replaced them with these.

    Here they are:
    The guy sent me two sets(8 pieces) at that price. Can't beat them for $11 bucks
  17. Those wheels look real nice!
  18. I forgot to ask the other day what about the pcv just put a plug in it ?
  19. thanks...killer ride you have there!