Love These Seats Are They Stock? Tmi ?

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  1. I was browsing craigslist and came across these seat in a mustang. Where can I find an upholstery kit like it for my 93 gt convertible.
    black silver interior.jpg
  2. i know some foxes came with stock leather seats..but obviously that guy had them reupholstered.
  3. Stock fox 87-91 sport seat. Can't see headrest to tell 87-89 or 90-91. They have obviously been recovered however. Looks like the TMI covers
  4. I wish TMI sold these covers. I dont see them on any site. Maybe they are custom ordered?
  5. you can get just about any custom configuration from TMI
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  6. is that a chromed bar in there
  7. Looks like chromoly
  8. So where's the pics of the rest of the car? :shrug:
  9. I spoke with the owner that just sold it and the car was a SAAC conversion. Shelby American Automotive Club. I wonder if those covers are available somewhere....
  10. Why, because they added some stickers and an ugly ass hood and wing :eek:
  11. Woah easy on the wing ...isnt that the gt whale tail wing?
  12. a) the gt wing is way shorter height wise
    b) the saleen wing is the "whale tail"
  13. like my opinion or not, that wing is hideous
  14. Oh ok ive heard guys call the gt wing a whale tail
  15. I'm not a fan of the car either. The hood reminds of the 70's classic movie "Corvette Summer". I do like the seats though.
  16. I agree that wing is terrible.
  17. 3abujyva.jpg That's an saac I don't no what the abortion above is .

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  18. As you've figured out - those are not stock - but we CAN make them easily enough.
    That simply a 972 titanium outer/side/back and a 958 black sierra facing w/ a red vinyl welt piping.
    As it's custom - you'd have to call customer service at 800-624-7960 to place that order.