1. Ok so I finnally started driving my mustang I bought it about a month ago and had to wait to drive it untill 4 days ago...I bought the car not knowing how to drive a 5spd. Well I know now and this car is a hell of a good time! I'm not really sure what gears I have but they are definitly not the stockers! The sound of a his car is absolutly amazing!
  2. What rpm are you running in 5th at 70?
  3. The Mustang is one of the funnest cars to drive. I don't know why. If you ever get a chance to drive around in a 65 do it. It's a whole different kind of fun.
  4. I'm not sure haven't been up to 70 mph yet but at 50 in 4th I'm roughly 2500....my speedo is off by 5-10 mph
  5. Mustangs are a whole new world for me as I'm used to the boat of a camaro...my camaro was definitly faster but it was a boring car in general...it even had the ls1 in it and I upped the hp to about 365...but this little 215 hp mustang sounds better and drives better and its just a blast to drive.....and I'm even driving normal and not like an animal lol
  6. Ill check my rpms at 70 on my way home from work later...I do know at the top of second when I shift to third if I were to floor it I would spin tires like crazy....
  7. Back in like 95 I used to go with my dad to test drive the z28's they sure were fast but man uncomfortable. Those seats and that dash made it hard to see and then there was that damned ole hump in the passenger floorboard. But yep they sure would scoot. I wish Ford was on the ball power wise back then when a gt didn't cost $40k. Wasn't a fair fight 215 vs 275 horse for the same kind of $. Hell even the Cobra was only rated at 250 horse or soemthing like that and they were high for back in teh day money. But anyways yeah the mustang does give a nice ride and won't beat you to death ya just gotta pick your battles at the stoplights.
  8. Oh one more thing with the 3.73 gears I'm around 2200 or so at 70 in 5th and the drone is killer annoying, it feels/sounds like it needs another gear. I don't really have to down shift to accelerate when in 5th and I can cruise around on surface streets in 4th. I think I should have went with 3.55
  9. Determining the rear gear ratio is easy. Lift the rear and mark the drive shaft. Rotate a wheel 1 full turn while counting the number of turns on the drive shaft. If 1 turn of the wheel equals 3 1/4 turns on the DS the gear is 3:27; 3 1/2 turns equals 3:55 gears; 3 3/4 turns equals 3:73 gears.
  10. good tip rich (thats what she said)
  11. Yeah that hump on the passanger side in the camaros was annoyibg everybody hated it....the camaro looked awesome as I did the 2002 ss camaro decals and racing stripes on it and it wss red...I loved that car too but like ibsaid boring compared to my mistang I'm usually cruising around in fourth and normal speeds it does have a lot of pick up in fourth and when in fifth it does seem lkke I need another gear. But the low gears are reallly jumpy just a quater throttle and I can break my neck lol but its really fun...I know about lifting the rwar and counting drive shaft rotations just haven't gotten around to it yet...I test drove a few 94 and 95s and this was is the most powerful def seemed like a whole new animal compared to other gt's....and as of tight now I love the drone it gives around 2200 rpms in 4th....
  12. The engine is bone stock except for cai exhaust feom the headers back and an o/r h pipe....its lowered woth an eibach suspension too and the previous owner used to take it to the local road course..he said it was geared but wasnt sure what ratio.....it has a ton of pick ul especialy in low gears its extreemly hard to not chirp the tires between each gear lol
  13. Ok so this morning I opened her up a little bit and it felt real good I need a tune up pretty bad....but anyway
    Yeah im at 2200 2300 at 70 in 5th so i guess i have 373s if its the as you right?
  14. Also don't mess with those damn 370z's while I got on ny throttle a little bit to see what she had I didn't realize there was a sweet 370z behind me and just blew right by me while I was into my throttle pretty hard. I would bever be able to keep up wuth obe of those....especially if that car was stock.....sweet car tho
  15. you could beat a nismo, all you need is roughly 450+ horsepower, noting that the nismo has 350 stock on a light body.

    these days you need 500+ horsepower to keep up with the newer cars, or you're nothing particular.
    The way you're depicting you're gears it does sound like 3.73s out back, the first and second gear should be extremely short and climb rpms pretty fast, it would defiantly be noticeable over the 3.08s or 2.73s depending if your car is standard or automatic.
  16. Its a 5 spd and first gear is real short. I know this car has nothing on pretty much anything out there but I like it anyway its really fun to drive and eventually ill rebuild to something more powerful in the end I want 350-400 hp car but I also want it to be a daily driver so lets see what o have to do to pull this off. I believe when u rebuild a 302 it becomes a 306 right? Is it more powerful? When I rebuild I want to do a H/C/I swap and possibly a turbo of some sort nothing crazy but like I said I want 350 hp to the wheels
  17. Starting with the rebuild, typically it's not worth it unless you're rebuilding it for performance in my opinion. You can find a low mile full engine for cheaper than the rebuild alllll day. If you do get it rebuilt it will still be a 302 unless you have it stroked to 306, which is more costly. I don't see the point in keeping it to such a small displacement as 306 when you can stroke it to a 347 under the same rebuild for just about the same money. a 306 is slightly more powerful though, it's the equivalent to a slightly larger engine, it's measurement of cubic inches. These 302s can be stroked as far as 363s I believe, but as I've read, it's not great for engine life or a daily driver, so the furthest, comfortable stroke is 347.
    302 cubic inches=4.948 Liter
    306 cubic inches=5.01 Liter
    331 cubic inches=5.24 Liter
    347 cubic inches=5.69 Liter
    363 cubic inches=5.95 Liter
    So potentially, you could have a 6.0 in your car. Which would be pretty sick.

    A good H/C/I swap on these ole' 5.0s can make 350-400 horsepower, just remember the limitations of the block are around 500 horsepower, unless you go aftermarket block.
    To get an idea of what it takes to make that power range, here's a kit that is sold specifically for that horsepower range.
    However, I think it's lame as **** to buy a kit and slap it on and know the numbers, you should avoid that and piece together a real machine.

    But anyways, H/C/I can get you to that horsepower range as well as a stand alone turbo.
    and of course with either an H/C/I swap or turbo or both you're going to need supporting mods like fuel injectors and so on.

    The turbo alone could make the power you're looking for, with the supporting mods. In my opinion, an H/C/I swap or 'all naturelle" is way better than dealing with a turbo (not that it doesn't have its merit).
  18. If just an hci swap could get me those numbers I would do that I just think ut eould ve cool to gave a turbo mustang
  19. A "306" is nothing more than a 302 with an overbore. The stroke is not changed at all. There is essentially no performance difference between an equally prepared stock motor, and one with a .030 overbore.

    Right, because your average hobbiest has a way better understanding of the fundementals of engine design and optimization than the engineers at Trick Flow, Edelbrock, etc do. It's so much more fun to create your own combo with random parts that aren't designed to work together, so then you get the fun of trying to tune all the quirks out of your "real machine."

    OP: two reasonable ways to go to make your goals:

    1) HCI swap with a stroker kit (either 331 or 347). Not sure you'll get there without increasing displacement, but others might disagree. I would recommend buying a kit where all the components were designed to work together, but you can prove your mechanical prowess by cobbling together your own creation if you choose.
    2) Forced induction on your stock build: either SC or turbo. I dug into this, and for simplicity, I was headed toward a KB for my 95 instead of a turbo. No slam at all on turbo, other than it seems to be a lot more difficult to get set up and running properly for a dummy like me.
  20. I know somebody that would rebuild my engine for 2 grand so I gotta look into maybe turning it into a 331 with good heads cam and intake manifold...I have to see how much more work that would be for him then a regular rebuild and see how much of a price difference would be I really want A 400 HP daily driver lol and this is the perfect car to do that too as it looks mean as hell