1. W cobra mani and heads maybe 250 at motor maybe 300 but I doubt it. Read an article awhile back in muscle stangs n fast fords I believe it was about bolt on horses n they put gt40 (cobra) heads on and the dyno showed 27 hp gain at the rear. They spent something like $3k worth of bolt on stuff labor not included and gained 80 some odd horses at the tire. I'm w you about being leary bout buying junk motor I'm also leery bout buying used parts like heads, supercharges, etc, especially sight unseen via the web. People who are using trickflows top end kit are putting down like 270-300 hp. That kit runs in the 3k range and I don't believe it comes w rockers. As for the tune up to add to what the others recommend I'd also get sum Mass air cleaner
  2. Do you know what springs are on it? Are the red and say sportline on em? If so those are eibachs and have about a 1.5" drop. Those are what came on my 90lx. I put ford racing on the 95, they are black and dropped er bout .5". You're leaking oil? Look aroud the valve covers, crawl under and feel around oil pan. Check the plugs but more so the pan bolts. My $ is on rear main seal though. Good luck
  3. Wow, that's the first time I've seen your car man. Looks very nice. The back of your car sits lower than mine does. I think mine has Ford C's on it if that helps.
  4. I have the b's I think it is or whatever the progressives are. Got an email from American musc sayin my wheels were shipped. Will post pics when I put em on. After the wheels I'm gonna call the exterior done. I believe it's gonna be a pretty sharp ride. Maybe I ought to change avatar since I don't mess w the 90 much anymore
  5. All I know are they are red haha I haven't got close enough yet when I get her on the lift ill check what they say....I have to check the exhaust too because I don't know what they say...
    Thanks ive put alot of cleaning and tweeking to make her look that way...she was alot wprse when i bought her havent done anythi g mechanical yet except a cheap cai that i had lying around fromnwhen i had my camaro somehow i managed to get a 94-95 mustang gt cai and held onto it all these years knowing i would evenrualy have the car to put it on lol and i finally do now haha
  6. Latemodel and I think a few others sell a generic set that are red as well,late of sells em under sve and I think the are 1.5" drop
  7. Well I know the owner before the last owner was the origanal owner and he rook care of the car and raced at the local road course and judging by the other upgrades I would be kind of shocked if he put cheap springs on the car but who knows I just wish I knew how old they were...the back springs might be sagging a little bit. It almost looks like the rwar is lower then the front
  8. How bad is it changing the rear main seal? Am I screwed if it is and just wait untill I have the money to rebuild? Lol
  9. The rear main is leaking on my fox. I have a torque converter I was wanting to have installed and one shop said they'd do the tc and pop on a new seal for 300 I think it was but I never did it. I think it's do able but prob purdy tough w out a lift. It's one of those Nickel and dime parts for Foldin money labor kinda thing
  10. Yes the trans must come out to replace the rear main seal. While your in there change your front trans seal as well. My .02
  11. And might as well drop in a new clutch and throwout bearing ;)
  12. I have a new cluch and tob in already its a staged clutch whatever that means lol and I got under the car and noticed its leaking around the oil pan....under and around the valve covers is dry as a bone....it really looks like my oil pan gasket is toast all the way around....but no puddles and my oil level is not moving so I'm not even sure its leaking anymore...maybe they fixed it :shrug: I cleaned all the crap on the oil pan so time will tell me if its leaking and how bad....hopefully its cer minor and I xan wait untill the rebuild
  13. And the clutch was installed 6 months ago so if they did all that and didn't change the rear main seal there pertttty dumb lol