loving my first mustang

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  1. thanks to craigslist i now am the proud owner of a 97 GT 5-speed. i didnt get a good rundown of what has been done to the car when i traded, but i believe it to have a cam and a king cobra clutch. it has an aftermarket shifter but im not sure of the brand, its very tight and has a black and silver knob that says "GT" on the top of it. i want to find out if it has underdrive pulleys or aftermarket throttlebody and plenum, what do i look for? it does already have a stainless cold air intake with the filter in the fender. the car is an absolute beast and will find 100mph very quickly, but it still gets well over twenty mpg so i know it cant have been upgraded too much.

    it also has a 4" fiberglass cowl hood, a cobra front bumper cover, and a saleen style spoiler that i hate. gonna trade it for a stock wing or one that looks like what came on the late sixty - early seventy model boss mustangs.

    the car is laser red with a black top (not convertible) the cowl hood, front bumper cover, and spoiler are also black, but ill probably have it painted to match the red while leaving the raised portion of the hood black to match the top and the black spoiler. ill get pictures on here as soon as i can.

    perfect leather interior and the mach 460 sound system. power everything, cold A/C, aftermarket guage cluster. and i traded a $3500 honda motorcycle straight across for it. :nice::flag::D
  2. lets see some pics :D
  3. 2 pics

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  4. i think i know what im doing, posting pictures is a little complicated. is there a thread with instructions for it?

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  5. get a photobucket account and then post the url for the pic here

  6. Sounds like a really nice car. I want to see some pics.
  7. ok here is the photobucket pics
  8. Congrats on the new ride, it looks pretty slick. I can see what your saying about the spoiler. It probably wouldn't be so standout-ish if you did decide to paint it.
  9. yeah i think i really wanna go back to the original wing, only painting it black. probably do it al at one time when it gets new paint. but it has a few other things that need attention first.
  10. Thats a really nice car.