Low Coolant Light On???

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MadHandle8169, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Whenever it is pretty cold out and go to start my car in the morning the low coolant light comes on? When I restart my car in the mid afternoon it is usually gone. But today it stayed on. Now I was wondering why this could be. I have checked the antifreeze and it is right at the line it should be for cold. I also tried adding more but the light still stays on in the morning. Does anyone else experience this? And also does anyone have a cure for this problem? Thanks!
  2. It's a bad sensor. The sensor I believe is in the lid of the coolant reservoir. My car had a bad sensor one day and I never really checked to see where it was, but I believe it was in the lid. I don't know what it is called either. Some one else will know the technical name for it. Some help I am.....

  3. EVERY YEAR, there are posts on here about this in the winter. The seals shrink a bit and slight amts of coolant dissipate from the reservoir. Happened to me last year in the winter, and we JUST put a new radiator and hoses. When it warmed up, didnt happen.

    Whenever it did this, I looked in the reservoir, and it was a little low, but I NEVER saw signs of leaking on the ground or in the engine bay!
  4. I had the mysterious loss of coolant and "low coolant" light problem last winter, found that my stocker radiator would leak when it was REALLY cold and the car reached around 150*, but when it got up to about 180-200* it sealed off again and I could never find the coolant leaking (until I let 'er warm up in the driveway and saw it drip, drip, drip).

    Anyhow now I got a Fluidyne, and it doesn't leak, but our first super-cold snap (for this area) hit last night, it was about 15*F outside with 20-30mph winds, and when I went to start the car, I got the coolant light, was down about 1 inch below cold full. Topped it off again, no leaks anywhere.

    I swear I think the colder temps cause the coolant to draw into the heater core or something, cause this seems to be a yearly thing now.

    Who knows?

  5. Im telling you, I see it here EVERY winter! (well, this is the 3rd year now)

    Ill post a poll asking people if they have it!
  6. Please do, because, believe it or not, i have the same problem. I HATE IT!!!! :mad:

  7. hehe... that damned idiot light...

    mine comes on when its cold... but there are no leaks... i have plenty of coolant, so go figure...

    its been coming on so frequently, i'm thinking of just unhooking it... who needs it when you have a temp gauge and do regular maintenance?