LOW MILE Tremec 3550 , Lakewood Bulletproof Bellhousing,New Clutch

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by lanky83, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. I have a Low mile TREMEC 3550 with all original paperwork for sale. It comes with a Lakewood Bulletproof Bellhousing and a New NAPA clutch. Im asking 1600.00 OBO
    Text or call 317-403-3222 NO TRADES
    Located in Greenwood,IN 20 min. South of Indianapolis
    Thanks, Jonathan
  2. Bump for good guy with quality parts... I know him very well.
  3. 1.50 and a sucker with sand on it? :D
  4. Hey... that's mine! :fuss:
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  5. Go away Troll!
  6. Little do you know that I licked it already. :p
  7. You like licking stuff Noobz? LOL
  8. 'bout the same as you like stealing the stuff that I lick! o_O
  9. I take my junk with me everywhere.... I didnt steal it. HAHAHAHA
  10. So you're rubbing my sand covered sucker on your junk? That's just sick. :nonono:
  11. Something like that. :shrug:
  12. do you still have the set up for sale? im very interested! ill shoot you a pm with my info
  13. It's sold.

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