Low Mileage 89 Gt

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  1. Going to travel a couple hours to view this 52,000 mile GT. Appears to be basically stock, what would be a fair price. 8k OBO is the asking, but there are some slight mods. that don't create any issues with me, but if when I see the car and no issues are found what would be a reasonable offer.
  2. no pics
    no color
    no mods
    no trans
    no way to suggest price

    if its a AOD vert red on red I wouldnt care if it had 52 miles on it, would not want it.
  3. What he said

    Just because it has 52K miles doesn't mean it's a ragged out POS with faded paint and top from sitting He can ask $8K, but most fox owners overvalue their cars and have a unrealistic view of what is great condition
  4. The car has pictures that I have viewed the car is listed on this website for sale. The car is a black 89 gt hatch with 5 speed. I have checked out ones in my area that are for sale and have had no luck. I have been searching for about a year. So I decided to venture out on the online market.
  5. The car is listed on this site for sale. Black 89 gt hatch 5 speed 53k. There are some photos. I have had no luck in my area. This car is the exact combo I have wanted. This is my first car dealing online. More use to the traditional way of buying a car that is just across town or something, not 2 hours away. But that seems to be par for the course. If you have a sec, check it out and see if I am looking at a legit car or POS.
  6. My last few cars I've bought have come from autotrader.com, as it gives you a lot wider exposure to exactly what you want in any radius you're willing to look. Nice cars usually come with lots of pictures to look at. My Cobra came from 4 hours away...it was the closest nice one I saw.
  7. there are cheaper ones out there, but if you go see the car and its really that nice, and you love it, then go for it. its only money cant take it with you
  8. Only way to know for sure is to see it in person. Driving two hours for it is no different then buying a local car other then the drive. Hell I went 3 hours to buy mine.
  9. That is how I feel. I just don't want to over pay. What people ask and what they get are always 2 different things. If this guy wants the cash bad enough he will sell. When the 100 dollar bills are right in front of your face, that often will sway a person. Just wanted to know if anyone had an idea of what people are getting. I looked in the NADA guide for this car and assume the seller has also.
  10. Hell man, that's freaking local! I drove to Orlando (about 18 hours) for the saleen. Of course I had to take the wife to universal and made a mini vacation out of the weekend trip... It was still just a couple of hundred more tha shipping it.
  11. orlando 2 hours away *cough cough*

    so have you seen the car yet?
  12. No, going to see it this weekend. The guy works 12 hour shifts and hard to get a time. Had a car dealer buddy check the VIN for me and all seems good. The car had 50K in 2003 when the original owner sold it. Just hope when I show up it doesn't look like my first stang I bought back in 82.
  13. Be sure it's really 52K and not 152 or more, possible new cluster, so do your research. What I have found has basically made me realize that getting another fox probably won't ever happen again because there are two types of foxes out there now, ragged out and overpriced. Some have both catagories covered.
  14. I had a car fax and auto check ran on the VIN and both checked out with what the seller was telling me. The car failed an emission test in 2003 and had 50K and after passing the emission test in 2005 the car was apparently stored until 2010. There was no Reg. renewal shown until 2010 when the current owner Reg. the car. The current owner said when he purchaced the car it had been in storage for 5 years. The mileage is very much a concern of mine too. But I will just cross my fingers and hope everything comes together. If not tommorow is another day. In my area there are a lot of fox's for sale but they are either beat to hell or over modified. The good ones go fast and are always sold before I getnanchance to even check them out.