Lower Torque Box Reinforcement (drag Race)

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  1. I subtitled the thread because I seriously doubt that anyone would go to the extreme that I did, and as I'm going through the process, I'm thinking that this is clearly overkill for a street car, but it's how I do it, so I thought I'd share it.

    I have access to 1/8" plate, so I have several pieces laying around the garage at any given time. When I decide to reinforce the torque boxes I put that luxury to good use.

    I start by cutting a hole in the floor, directly above the bolt location.
    The hole is the center of the bolt, and the edge of the frame.
    I cut a piece of plate, drill it to size, then locate it by using the torque arm bolt to hold it in place. I cut it slightly tall to stand 1/8" above the floor level.

    ** why I made this small cut was actually me kidding myself. I thought I could weld the thing through the hole but give all of the dirt, and the fact that the metal I was welding against was galvanized, I thought better of it.

    I cut a bigger hole, following the spot welds of the torque box as a reference.
    Now this was more like it. I was also able to clean out a bunch of caked on dirt, prep the sides, and generally inspect the thing for integrity. All that blob u lated weld at the top of the pic is from welding the underside of the torque box.
    All good. I welded the plate along the top and sides.
    Then I covered it w/ a 10 x 8 piece directly on top.
    Now you can see why I made the plate stand slightly above the floor, The notch will allow me to tie that plate into the big plate, and not just put it over it.
    Da done dah!!
    The entire underside of the torque box is completely welded where it attaches to the frame rail as well.
    Like I said, for a street car, clearly over kill. But If I ever decide to throw a set of slicks on the car, given it'll make over 500 ft lbs of RWTQ. I'll never have to worry about this part.

    Which is a good thing.:banana:
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  2. Nice work! I usually tie the other side in as well. I cut a pocket in the inner frame rail and weld in a 2x2 square washer 1/4" thick to tie the torque box to the frame rail from the other side.
  3. Well done!
  4. Nice work