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  1. anyone have pics of their cars lowered, and what set up they have. if you have them, post them up with specs.
  2. Lowered with ford "K" and CHE adj panhard bar


  3. That drop looks nice, great stance!
  4. That white GT looks great!
  5. GREAT stance. Its low, but still looks drivable. How do you find the handling/ ride? :nice:
  6. Steeda Comp springs. The front was too high for my tastes, so I cut a coil from the front springs. Looks a lot better, but its a little low now with 18's and 275/35 tires. Think I may go 19's and/or higher profile tires.

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  7. I have steeda springs and frpp struts in front, QA1 dual adj shocks in rear. You will have to check pics on my profile. I cant figure out how to attach

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  8. With Eibach lowering springs from Galpin Ford GAS


  9. Before and after - 07' GT/CS on eiback sportline springs and sway bar front and back

    Just lowered my stang. On factory 18's right now. I have a set of staggered 20" foose wheels in the mail. can't wait for those.

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  10. How much was that setup if you don't mind me asking?

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  11. I run the same setup on my 2012; 19s with the Brembos and an Eibach Pro Kit. Springs were $219 locally and install was $250. Front is 1" and rear is 1.5".
  12. Brembo package lowered on eibach sportlines

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  13. Looks great; how is the ride with the Sportlines? I worried it was going to be to close to the bump stops to allow for a nice ride.
  14. They come with another set of bump stops. the ride isnt bad alittle stiffer which is expected but not annoying. I have to admit these mustangs overall have a smooth ride compared to earlier ones
  15. Ahh, that's cool.
  16. Are you guys running stock struts with your Brembo Pkg./Eibach Pro Kit set-ups?

    I'm thinking of going the same way, but don't know whether or not to buy new struts.

    I already have the Ford M-18183-C upgraded strut mounts to install as well.
  17. My suspension is all stock with the exception of the Pro Kit. The ride is pretty similar to stock.


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