Suspension Lowered

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  1. 2012 brembo package lowered with Ford racing m-5300-k springs
  2. What springs are those?
  3. Ford racing k spring from American muscle
  4. Not sure how I missed that post.
  5. Did you swap out the struts? Bumpstops? Strut mounts?

    Looks great...I'm thinking I should have gone with the K's myself.
  6. Very nice .... Great stance.

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  7. I'm wondering if the Eibach "Sport" system Plus will drop my 2012 too much for my 19" wheels. Anyone know?
  8. The Sport springs are built to work with any factory mustang wheel so I would assume as long as you don't upsize the tires, you should be fine.
  9. black ape, did you just change out the springs? Any issues? Clearance with bumps, driveways etc?
  10. I just ordered Eibach Sport-System Plus. I wont be able to install it until I get back to Texas. Once I do I'll post pictures.
  11. Just lowered my 2012 with Eibach Sport-System-Plus. What do you think?
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  12. Roush Stage 3.[​IMG][/IMG]
  13. Installed the Eibach Pro-Kit rear springs this past weekend. They lowered the back by exactly 1". I like the way it sits right now, although I wish I had gone with the "K" springs from Ford or Eibach Sportlines. I'm going to wait for the rear end to settle a bit before I decide whether or not to install the front springs.

    Just a note...I'll be installing new bumpstops for the rear. I bottomed out on the stockers once this weekend going through an intersection.

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  14. That's the rear end lowered? Maybe it's the angle, but none of it looks lower.
  15. Mine is about 27.5 inches from ground to the wheel well lip in the rear.
  16. From the ground to the top of the fender well opening through the center of the wheel, mine measured 30" before and a hair under 29" after. No sacrifice in ride quality, but as I said before, I'll be replacing the bump stops.
  17. How many of you have upgraded your control arms?
  18. Hey Maner, did you use the Pro-kit or the Sportline springs? I'm tossed between the two.

  19. Is that the whole Sprotline system, spring struts and swaybars?? That looks really good! How does it ride? Firmer or abrasive?