lowering interstate speeds

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  1. the state government is trying to lower the interstate speed to 55. there trying to help with fuel costs saying that lower speeds will help fuel economy. :bs:

    if they pass it my speedo face will come in handy being that 55 is in red, lol
  2. they did that back in the 70's, what really happened is that everybody was tailgating everybody else which caused accidents and carnage, what else happened is that driver's stayed on the road longer which caused accidents and carnage, what else happended is that the states dumped millions into raping speeders in order to fill their own coffers (speed tax if you will) which meant everybody slammed on their brakes at even the sight of a cop in an adjacent donut shop which caused accidents and carnage. The speed limt does absolutely nothing for in town traffic congestion where cars get "0" mileage sitting in traffic. If any politician even breathes this kind of BS they need to be taken out , tarred and featherred like the old days.:flag:
  3. They should start by not screwing around with(or not using) daylight savings. They won't have to buy new speed limit signs and might actually save some energy in the process. :rolleyes: