Lowering Kit = changing stock shocks also?

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  1. Welcome. I am always very appreciative to see the aftermarket companies on the forums. It provides you with direct feedback from the consumers that use the product and the real world scenerios that they are being utilized in.

    I know Eibach is track proven and they spend a hefty amount of time and $ in R&D. The "Will to Win" has to be followed by action.

    Thanks again, Rosa.

  2. I agree, it's nice to hear that the consumer asks about Eibach. Thanks.
  3. Rosa,

    What R&D time/efforts did Eibach put into the 2005 Mustang kit(s)? I have Eibach springs on my dirtbike and they seem to work pretty well. My only concern is that Eibach seems to make kits for EVERYTHING, which makes me wonder how much time they devoted *specifically* to the 2005 Mustang. I also read somewhere that Eibach is using the same springs for the 2005 model that they sell for the 2004 model even though the catalog# is different (true?). Further, Steeda is claiming that the shape of the spring seat (end), referred to as “clocking”, is a bit unusual on the 2005 model and that most aftermarket manufacturers haven’t considered (or replicated) this peculiarity. The 2005 springs are apparently 180 degrees out of phase (the ends terminate at opposite sides of the spring) and this must be reproduced to avoid weird problems. Are the Eibach springs “clocked” properly?
    I’m not trying to bash Eibach since I’ve heard mostly good things about them. I just wonder how much time they devoted to the 2005 Mustang since there are other companies like Steeda, Roush and Saleen which devote a very large amount of time to Mustangs only.

    Thank you for your contributions.
  4. To NJstangpilot....

    Wow, where did you read that??? Let me start by telling you that we have one of the best R&D departments around. They don't release anything without extensive research and testing. I'm glad to hear that you use Eibach on your bike. It's not true that we used the same springs from the 04 model Mustangs. It's a completely different spring, so, it's a different part number. In regards of the spring being clocked properly, the bottom of the spring is flat and has a rubber pad for proper installation. It is clocked "properly". We offer many kits for many applications and the Mustang is one of our best selling kits. The loyalty from customers is amazing. No doubt about it, we offer great suspension for a great car. Thanks for your inquiry and feed back. Hopefully I was of some help.


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  5. Not only of "some help" but of a customer service convincing help. :D

    I have three bikes with Eibach springs, had a 1968 Fastback with Eibach springs.. and now will purchase some Eibach springs for my GT :nice:
  6. You guys are too much.. Im ordering a set of Pro series springs soon as I get the cash. Geeze, I was supposed to be saving that money for a CAI and fixing my exhaust!
  7. Great...

    :p Thanks for the support.
  8. Rosa, Eibach should package a Rear suspension kit alone.

    There are many reasons why, But I dont want a full on Ft and Rear setup from Eibach.

    Tell your marketing Dweebs to "think outside the box"

    over ~
  9. shooterm1,
    we actually don't recommend installing half a kit. we know many enthusiasts do. but i will let them know what the "people" are asking for.
  10. we don't recommend installing half a kit

    That's obvious , , ,

    The question though is, why not?
  11. Why not.....

    because of the progressive rate of our springs, the weight of the vehicle needs to be distributed evenly on all four springs in order to get the performance & handling that Eibach offers. It's very possible that you'll get a harsher & uneven ride. It won't be at the comfort level that you would want. This is just one small reason but there are many other variables that might cause damage or excessive wear & tear. In other words, don't do it!! :p
  12. I intend to ONLY lower the rear / as I said, for a number of reasons ........

    Someone needs to think about that option too.
  13. :rolleyes: Okay shooterm1-it's up to you if you want to just drop your rear. we don't recommend it and don't sell them that way......

    we do offer the Pro-Street coil over system. Which is the adjustable threaded body style coil overs. Depending on your application, you can get from 0.8" to a 3.0" drop. These are totally adjustable. If you are going to the track you can adjust the ride height and the corner weight of each wheel. Same when you are back on the street for everyday driving. If we don't offer the Pro-Street for your car, try ground control.

  14. Oh, Rosa... that is beautiful! :owned: :hail2:

  15. :banana: Go for it!!! :nice:

  16. It’s called engineering a complete package.. Any monkey can bolt on a collection(or in your case partial collection) of parts ,, but that is not building.. That is hacking... I used to do that with Legos and erector sets about 30 years ago,, Now I BUILD vehicles. When a company like Eibach puts there name behind something,, they make damn sure the product works (yes mistakes happen,, see any post titled “Shaker” in this forum for proof).. So they find a need, R&D until an answer comes up, design, build, produce, and sell an ANSWER . Eibach found there answer to the lowering of a Mustang. You want to go find your own solution, using your engineers (you do have a few on retainer. Yes?), and R&D facilities(you have one of those right?? Track for testing? Ability to manufacture many different spring designs for R&D?), Go for it. That’s what Eibach did to bring us a quality, complete, balanced PACKAGE.

    Damn it, now you got me sounding like a dealer rep :D

    Trial an error while building a new vehicle is very hard,, replication what others have done in the past, by way of piecemeal parts is a different story,, (like say building up a 68 fastback)

    Bottom line,, you asked,, you were answered,, you still want to do it your own way :flag: Nothing wrong with that,, Have at it,,,,,,, but no need to be a SA to the person YOU asked the question of :notnice:
  17. Eibach Coilover for S197 (?)


    I couldn't find a Eibach coilover product for the 2005 Mustang in the online .pdf catalog. Does Eibach make a true coilover setup for the S197 Mustang? If so, where can I find the information on it? (catalog#, description, cost, etc.)

    Ground Control has a 2005 Mustang coilover kit (supposedly) but in the online photo it looks like only the front units are actual coilovers, rear being separate spring and damper. http://www.ground-control-store.com/products/description.php/II=666/CA=96
  18. Well, we don't offer a true coil over setup for the 2005 Mustang but Ground Control offers a system that includes their setup with our(eibach) springs. Sorry :( Still a good system. Our pro-kit springs and sportline springs are offered for the 2005 Mustang. Sway bars available too. Damper kit is still under prototype status. :p
  19. You've conveniently ignored that one of eibach's authorized dealers is marketing a bolt on a collection (or in this case partial collection) of parts that include the very parts that Rosa was selling here as a set.


    The fact IS that Marketing has as much to do with these matters under discussion as Balanced PACKAGING.

    and I'll say its often $lighty MORE ~

    (btw: are you her supervisor?)