Lowering Kit = changing stock shocks also?

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  1. shooterm1 - Your point has been made. If you are seeking to hear you are right, fine, You're Right. Go on..Order what you need and move on. You are providing nothing of value here.

    Yes Rosa, I am sure, just like Nick from Diablo, is holding a marketing capacity more than technical. That does not negate the fact she has come on the board and answered the questions asked (while throwing a little PR and Mktg. in the mix :nice: ). If you do not feel she has adequatley answered your question(s), do not seek to make her look bad and hammer her, move on to someone that can answer the technical questions you are seeking. :nonono: Your intent is now being perceived to make her look stupid or ill-informed. She appears to be answering with what she knows. DROP IT! :mad:

    NJStangPilot, excellant question and research. Rosa, thanks for answering honestly. Good information to have.

  2. here is a link i found


    H&R Coil Over Kits Coming Soon for the 2005 Mustang

    H&R Coil Over Kits
    Since a well engineered suspension system centers around correctly engineered springs and shock absorbers, Livermore Performance offers H&R's Cup Kits and Coil Overs to take the guess work out of suspension tuning. Consisting of application specific spring and shock combinations, these kits represent a greater commitment to radical looks and improved handling, but still remain faithful to H&R's street engineered design philosophy.

    Coil Over
    Engineered for street and occasional track use, H&R Coil-Overs feature a fully-threaded shock body (not an imitation sleeve-over) that allows you to precisely dial in height adjustment to achieve optimum weight transfer, or simply get the aggressive look you've been looking for. Featuring H&R's exclusive dynamic damper technology, each shock is engineered to work in harmony with a progressive-rate spring, together creating a finely-tuned suspension system.
  3. Technical expertise are always welcome .....

    But I dont appreciate the dismissive attitude among the Rep's I run into here.

    Its too simular to the attitude that you get when you find yourself at a parts counter talking with a kid with a GED. A kid who's just had three weeks of "Technical Training" on how to flip through a Ford Parts catalog.

    Tech's & Rep's often confuse their training with true knowledge gained through experience, when in fact they've done nothing more than sit through some classes and meetings.

    My experience with most of these dweebs is that they only know-what-they-know and have to wait for the real gear heads and engineers to try something new.

    And afterwards, they are taught a new gospel and then they quote it chapter and verse, ad nausem

    Thanks to all who share their Corporate knowledge here........

    Just please dont bring your Corporate bias too and expect not to be challanged.
  4. Shooterm1 - I appreciate the explanation and have been in as frustrating position trying to locate a specific item for one of my Stangs. I guess I am just a little different in that unless a piece of information is completely incorrect, then I tend to just leave it as is. :shrug:

    To challenge them is to ask them to broden their technical knowledge and in many cases, although you and I appreciate understanding what a competitor may offer, they either do not, or are not paid to. :nice:

    Rosa asked the same set of questions in the WC Discussion forum and was met with the same answer - H&R was ahead of the game. If she does her job right, she will relay this information to her R&D and Marketing Specialists so that they can move forward with the true rear coilover set-up. If Eibach wants to keep up with the competition in the 05 suspension war, they had better start heeding the information obtained on the boards.

    So, in essence, I am saying, sorry shooterm1, :flag:. You were correct from the get-go and I am curious to see which set-up you decide to use.

  5. I've just been reading through. Not trying to be rude, but I believe I mentioned that we offer the Pro-Street for CERTAIN APPLICATIONS, if we don't then you can try looking at ground control. I don't think I was trying to be a technical expert but just giving suggestions. You know what you want for your car. And exactly like Jennifer said, I'm only here to get information, read about what people are asking for. Giving answers to whom I can. These forums gives us an opportunity to see what's out there. I'm sorry if you have had issues with people trying to "preach" to you. But that's not what I was doing. :flag: I told you what our springs do and that's it. You don't have to get offended because I'm in these forums too. :notnice:
  6. K suspension isnt my strong suit. How much will lowering the car throw off its center of gravity? Should adjustments be made thereafter to correct this? When do you have to start worrying about relocating and changing control arms? How much will changing to performance shocks affect the ride? Does anyone know of them being made as of yet?
  7. Oh well guys, I just bought a Pro Kit off of Ebay, 250$ shipped. Ill get pics up as soon as I get them installed ;)