Lowering Problems

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  1. I'm having a problem with my car bottoming out too much, and making too much noise.

    Here's the story.

    With the car's suspension stock, I put on some 17" Cobra rims, then put in some 94-98 v6 Eibach springs, and left the struts stock.

    At this point the car felt like a buggy. Obviously. But it didn't bottom out.

    A month later, I ordered the polyurethane bushings for the springs, and got new struts and shocks.

    The new Monroe struts that I got, were one of the better models that they offered, and made the ride MUCH smoother.

    And here's the problem... I got ran off the road by an 18-wheeler one day going to work, and ended up flying off to the ride, jumping a curb, and coming to a stop. My car drove perfectly fine to work, (thank god), but thereafter I noticed that it was bottoming out, and making TONS of noises from the front that I haven't been able to figure out what they are yet. One of the noises sounds like a loose caliper bracket, and I've done a complete brake check... Nothing is loose, or wrong.

    I've been under the car numerous times, and can't find anything wrong, but I'll be getting MAC camber plates installed soon, and was wondering if I should have my struts checked out, and perhaps have someone check the suspension. I don't know too much about it, but also don't know anybody around that would be able to help me with this issue.

    What do you guys think I could check?
  2. struts, balljoints, all bushings and bolts, swaybar endlinks.. thats all i can think of

    if you havent already ordered your cc plates, think about getting maximum motorsports instead of mac. best ones out there
  3. Too late. ;)

    The swaybar endlinks was something that I checked on, and even tried fixing. I thought it had worked after pushing down on my car didn't make any more noise, but as soon as I drove the car, it started again. I remember reading a thread about five months ago, of a problem description, almost exactly like mine... I guess it didn't work for me.

    Don't balljoints make noise when turning the wheels? I know my Brother's Cobra's were shot, and making noise, after we replaced those, all was good. I know mine are bad, but they shouldn't be making the noise that's coming from my front end.

    I know my lower/upper control arm bushings need to be replaced. Those are making some mad noises in the rear.

    My car sounds like a hunk of junk. I remember that it used to be quiet as a Cadillac. I wish it would be like that again. :(
  4. Eibach Sportlines are a bit notorious for sagging too much.

    If you're bottoming out, it's probably more of a rear-end problem than front. Atleast in my experience, I was always hitting my gas tank on **** when my shocks went out.

    What sort of noise are you talking about coming from the front end?
  5. Well, first off, I think two things are hitting the ground/speed bumps. First off, is the plate under the engine in the middle of the front wheels, and my cats... I'm going to have that cut off soon, and have an off road h-pipe welded on... (Hopefully).

    Noises from the front? There are tons. A bunch sound like clunking, metal on metal/rubber sounds. Perhaps I can record a sound clip with my phone or camera, and upload it. That may help out a bit!

    I don't know if any of these will be fixed by fixing my alignment. The camber on my Stang is just horrible, and I'm hoping that somehow it'll fix a few things.

    I have noticed, that my front left side of the car is around a half inch lower than the right side... I didn't think this was normal, seeing how my Bro's Cobra is even, all the way around.
  6. Definately check the way that your springs were put in. I have read many threads that stated the left side was lower than the right. The culprit, spring placement. It might help with a squeak or two as well.
  7. That's what I'm guessing. I noticed when my wheels were off, that my springs twisted a bit since I put them in. Most likely from jumping the curb perhaps.

    I have my car at the shop right now. They're installing the caster camber plates, and doing an alignment... Costing a bit much. I wish I would have done it myself, but oh well.

    I'll double check those springs, and see if I can set them back.
  8. Got f'n damnit...

    I'll tell you what. $224 later, my steering alignment wasn't any better, my camber AFTER modifying the caster/camber plates could only be adjusted 1 degree, and still isn't in spec.

    With MAC camber plates? This is a joke!

    I took the car home, and adjusted the tie rods four to five times and got it right. It may be off by a tenth of a degree, but the steering wheel is straight, and the wheels are straight...

    The fact that my camber is STILL off, even with caster camber plates, is a stupid deal. I do believe that I have a bad strut in the front left, and perhaps the Eibach springs might be bad, so I'm looking for a new set of struts/shocks/springs...

    I'll let you know how it goes... That noise from up front is even worse now, and it's ANNOYING!

    Here's a few pics of the plates, and my car...






    Here are a few pictures of the camber plates... I believe they're on right. ;) Hardly provided enough room for camber adjustment.


  9. Double post...

    Before alignment...

    -3.7 -3.6


    -2.1 -2.3

    Isn't that ass?
  10. By the pictures, it looks like your plates are installed incorrectly. That little "tab" that is point toward the fender(looks like it's TOUCHING it), should be pointing toward the front of the car. That being said, you have yours on the wrong side, and oriented in the wrong direction.

    Basically uninstall, then REinstall the complete OPPOSITE of how you put them on.
  11. How would I flip them over/around to get them correctly? What direction should that tab point in?

    I thought they might have been put on wrong, and if they are, I'm going back up there and demanding that they install them correctly this time! :) With a free alignment of course.
  12. [​IMG]

    I know these are STEEDA plates, but they are similiar enough for this comparison.

    See the ones on the LEFT? Notice that little extra "tab" on the bottom/right side? That needs to go toward the FRONT of the car, not touching the fender like you have them.

    Here are some MAXIMUM install instructions: http://www.maximummotorsports.com/c...r5.pdf?zenid=f4b782afd072ed780673ddc3383f939a

    .......Notice that little "tab" I was speaking of, the orientation.
  13. So then, if we're talking about the driver side for example, looking toward the engine, would the tab be on the left, or right? I just see so many different possibilities with these, and I'm hoping that I can get some extra camber adjustment out of them.... I pretty much got screwed with the whole deal, plus he MACHINED the stupid plates to make them adjust my camber an extra degree... :mad:
  14. The tab should be point toward the headlights, and it should be on the fender side, not motor side.

    Basically take your drivers side plate, and turn it 1/4 turn clockwise and put it on the passenger side. Then take your passenger side plate and turn it a 1/4 counter clockwise and they'll be on right.

    The machining that was done won't affect anything. Your car doesn't even look lowered THAT much, so you'll probably get around MAX 2-2.3 negative camber. The caster doesn't matter, get as much as you can. +6 or better
  15. Even though the guy who installed the camber plates didn't use the instructions that came with them, but they seem to be installed correctly according to them.

    Is there any other proof, perhaps some pictures of these on someone elses car that I can see? I want to be able to prove to the guys over there that they're installed wrong.

    Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!
  16. Page 3 of the install guide from maximum motorsports shows how the tab needs to be oriented.

    More than likely, those guys just don't want to admit they don't know how to put c/c plates on.
  17. Seriously dude, just unbolt the bolts(possibly the strut nut too), and just flip them yourself.

    I'm sure if you tell them they did it wrong they'll get huffy and say something like "We've always installed them like that" or something along those lines.
  18. +1

    Just take it to a shop to get make sure you're aligned if you feel it's necessary.

    Have you fixed the rattling and the leaning?
  19. The gangsta lean is still there, and the noises from the front are louder, and more annoying than ever... I plan to purchase some new springs, shocks, and struts, AGAIN, here in a week or two, and install them.

    I'm also thinking that a few of my control arm bushings are bad, and they're probably responsible for a few of the noises.

    I guess I'll take my car to another place this time to have it aligned, but according to the MAC instructions that came with the camber kit, they are installed properly... But it's just impossible that I can't adjust my camber with the way they are now, so I guess I'll try to have this fixed soon.
  20. I'm sure you won't need shocks or struts.

    Did the spring twist? I know the pigtails are supposed to be oriented a certain way but I'm not sure. Do you have rubber/urethane isolators on both sides? My isolaters on my rear springs have worn out a little and when my car settles it makes a god awful creaking noise from the spring rubbing on the mounting arm. Sometimes people remove the isolators to get their car to sit lower as well.