Lowering Problems

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  1. Dude, those things are installed SOO WRONG it's pathetic. You're using the two bolts on the side of the strut to adjust the CASTER, and the larger bolts on the outside to adjust the CAMBER. THAT IS COMPLETELY WRONG.

    Just try them the way ALL THE OTHER C/C PLATES suggest and I can assure you you'll be able to have normal alignment settings.

    I'm not sure if all your noises will go away or not, but but it's possible the strut nut is not tight enough and it is allowing free play while going over bumps and what not. Try putting an impact gun on that nut while the weight of the car is on them.
  2. No, I definately need new struts. I'm planning on getting some Tokico's.

    The isolators are brand new, and look just like the day I got them. The springs in the rear are supposed to have the pig tails pointed towards the driver side, and the springs in the front are supposed to have the pigtail inbetween the two holes... They're all find right now, but I think they were bad when I got them. (Used.)
  3. Ok. So the two that are on the sides now, are supposed to be used for the camber, right?

    If so, I ****in' knew it. That would allow SO much more adjustment for camber than it is now. Sliding the plate left and right doesn't do jack ****! One thing he said, is "Man, you have tons of freedom for the caster!".

    UGH! Thanks!
  4. The poly isolators are a contributing factor to your "noises". They are harder/denser and therefore transfer more noise.

    It sounds like you're more in to "looks" than anything. Your stock stuff is just fine.....

  5. I'm just trying to help dude. I'm not expert but I know a DUCK when I see one. :)
  6. How in the hell is that? I haven't had one problem with my car making noise until I flew over that curb, and my Bro's Cobra has the SAME isolators on his springs, and his car sounds like a Caddie, plus, it's had them on there forever now.

    I don't think that's my noise issue here... Most likely brakes & springs. I'll find out for sure when I start replacing these parts.

    The strut in the front left that I was talking about earlier, lost the gas that was pressurized... It just didn't seem like it was working when they were off.
  7. I just said it was a CONTRIBUTING factor......not 100% the problem.

    If you want to check your shocks/struts.......push down on the front/rear and see if the car "bounces". If they're good, it won't bounce.

    ALso, your brothers Cobra has a better strut on the front than your V6, or those Monroe's you put on for whatever reason.
  8. When I get home later, I'm going to scan and show you the instructions from MAC. I still get the feeling that they're installed, according to those instructions... I'm hoping they're just stupidly wrong.
  9. I don't believe it bounces... Just kind of comes back up. Plus, it doesn't make hardly any noise when I press down on the front end... Which has me thinking it's something else... When I push down on the back end, I can hear that lower/upper control arm bushing making noise. That thing's pissing me off! :)
  10. The rear end is gonna make noise.........it's the nature of a soft bushing/non greaseable bushing equipped triangulated 4-link suspension. It's constantly in a "bind".
  11. I've never been in a single car, my whole life, that has made as much noise as mine when going over bumps, turning, and driving.

    It's not normal.
  12. The agreed to fixing the problem with no labor charge. We'll see how that goes tomorrow... Hopefully I won't have any problems with this crap again. ;)
  13. So they admitted they are on backwards/sideways? Wow, thats stand-up-ish of them.
  14. Well no not really... This is the weird part.

    Again, according to the MAC instructions that came with the plates, they installed them right... BUT, he didn't use them from what I understand.

    I called MAC, (best customer service ever), and talked to a very nice lady that told me which way they went on, and even sent me a picture in my e-mail which I printed out for the shop to see.

    Hopefully they won't give me crap about the instructions, so I'm not going to bring them tomorrow. The picture from MAC explains it all.

    It's just ridiculous that the tab would point TOWARD the fender... And now my plates are permanently screwed up because he machined them. Bum.
  15. That's lame. Did he just machine the tab so that it will rest again the fender? Or did he do something else?
  16. If he just machined/made the holes bigger, thats no big deal.........hell i've drilled the holes on my car AND on my plates for more adjustment. No biggie.
  17. Well yeah, he machined it, to where he could slide the plate over more towards the fender, since the tab was touching it... Pfffft...

    If you look close at the pictures of the plates, you can see where it's done.
  18. They look fine to me.....you'll just have extra room to adjust CASTER now, instead of CAMBER. More CASTER always = BETTER! :)
  19. What does the caster actually affect? Isn't it just how far the wheel goes forward or backwards?
  20. Just thought I'd throw a few more pictures in...



    Here's a few from where my wheels were/are rubbing...

    This if my front right wheel, and rubbed away part of my wheel well or whatever it's called...


    And now where it's currently rubbing, and making noise when I turn the wheel right. (This is the driver side.)


    And a few of the car... Just because.