Lowering Spring Questions?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by sinisterblack98, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. My plans are to lower my car eventually, mostly for looks, but I don't want to give up handling either. I will be using Ford G springs or a combo of Gs on the front and Cs on the rear (for less rear drop). I will put caster/camber plates on at that time.

    When do you need offset rack bushings and/or a bump steer kit?

    Do I have to do shocks and struts at the same time or will the like-new stock ones be fine?

  2. What spring rating are the G springs. I have never heard of them.
  3. I just lowered my 97 a couple of months ago, and I think that the front sits lower than the rear, I know what you mean, kinda drag looking? I just decided to use the H&R's because it seemed like all of the other ones ended up with inconsistant drops. I got around 2 up front, and 1.75 in the rear all said and done, but I think we left out the spring isolators on the fronts. It did rub where your windshield washer resevoir(spelling :shrug: ) is. I just used a dremel and cut out that section of inner fender. I am running stock tires for now. I did springs and struts at the same time. The adjustable illumina actually work pretty good, and as far as handeling, ya it feels lowered, but not import, or slammed truck rough. I actually like the struts set on stiff, or it will be bouncier. M/M c.c. plates four bolt, install was a piece of cake just make sure you line them up right before you drill, and use the spacers, or you could damage your hood. I think we had to use all of them. I don't know how many miles you have on your car, mines at 102000, and 3 months after we lowered it my passenger ball joint started squeaking, and it really sucks :bang: I was going to get a bumpsteer kit when I lowered it but my friend said it would be easy to do it later. I would go ahead and get one. I have steeda's bumpsteer kit and lower x2 balljoint's ordered. I think you can get both for 220. The car will definately out handle the tires, it's awesome. Just seems to always be someone in front of me going slow around the corners. If I left anything out feel free to pm me. Good luck, chris
  4. any pics ??
  5. if you were replying to me, give me a couple of days, and tell me the easiest way to post them, I get lost at http://
  6. They are Ford Racing, specifically for lowering 'verts. I think they have just a higher rate rear spring. The drop will be too much for me in the rear though.