Lowering Springs for a 4 cyl.

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  1. Hey guys, I know it's been awhile since I've posted. School has been so crazy I haven't had much time to do anything to my car. :( But now I have some extra cash kickin around, and i decided I'm gonna get some springs.

    So here's the deal lol. I need some opinions on which to go with, cuz I'm pretty clueless about them. I am leaning towards the Eibach kit, because I can get them for a pretty decent price, but I would like to know what the other options are. Also, if in the event that a 2.3T or possibly a 5.0 goes in there eventually, should I avoid any of them because they will drop too low?

    Pics would be very helpful too! ;)
    Thanks guys! :D
  2. One of my buddies just put the eibach kit on his stang. It seems to work pretty well. It doesn't sit too too low, but it sits a little lower.
  3. Well, eibach is the only company that has 2.3-specific springs...any other kit you'd have to cut the fronts to get the car to the right ride height. So you might be ahead to just go ahead and get the Eibach kit.
  4. Motorsport C springs would work well also...

    I'd suggest the sportlines if you go with eibach...
  5. Eibach Sportlines lower the car a bit more but the ride is more compliant.
    Eibach Pro Kits lowers the car less but is more focused on handling. I had these on my 89 RS camaro. Very rough ride but man it was a lot of fun to drive with those springs on that car.
  6. What about the trickone suspention kits how are they?
  7. Switch that. Pro-Kit is less of a lowering effect and decent ride, Sportlines are slammed and ride rough. Stinger will disagree, but I think I'm right.

  8. Cool I am thinking of lowering my 93 but dont want to be killed by a speed bump either. So I think that the Pro-kit may be the way that I go.

    For the longest time I have raised the rear with air and while it looks good it slides like a waterbed and baby oil.
  9. I rode in a Formula Fbody with sportlines. Rode better than My RS with the pro kit. Both still had stock shocks....

    So I will stick with the pro kit handles better but with a rougher ride.
  10. Motorsport C

    I have had cut stock springs and the Eibach pro springs and hated both compared to the C springs. Just my opinion though
  11. The sportline springs are a higher fixed rate spring. The pro-kit is a progressive lower rate spring. I have seen 5.0 cars with the sportline springs and they are pretty damn low and ride pretty harsh. I have the pro-kit springs on my 90 and the hight is perfect and they ride pretty nice. I would personally would not hesitate to reccomend the pro-kit but the sportlines would probably handle a bit better during aggressive driving if you can deal with the rough ride.
  12. Awesome, thanks guys! Can anyone post up some pics for comparison?

    Also, has anyone had any rubbing problems with any of these kits?
  13. I dont really have a good side shot of my car that has the pro-kit springs but I will try and shap one when I get home this evening and post it. As far as rubbing issues, I havnt had any and I am running cobra r's with 255/40-17's all around one 17x8 fronts and 17x9 rear. I havnt rolled the lips or flipped the quad shocks either.
  14. Fbody spring lineup might be different. But here is a pic of my camaro with Eibach Pro's
    ride was stiffer but handled better than the sportline springs in my buddys fbody.
    I dont have a pic of his car but one of the guys in our club has them on his GTA with KYB shocks and struts.
    [​IMG] The cars end up sitting about the same height due to his car weighing a fair amount more from stereo and stuff. But it kind of gives you an idea.... Though in the pics it looks like I am lower... but a lot of that has to do with his car sitting on the grass and the fact I have tall profile 15 inch tires on when hehas low pro 17s. Side by side he sits slightly lower.
    here is a pic of my Z28 you can see the difference!
  15. I have Maxspeed springs. I love them. I think they are a ricer company, but I got them for cheap on ebay. I had to cut somewhere between 3/4 and 1 1/4 coils off the front, I dont remember exactly. Here is a pic.

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  16. I tried to take some pictures yesterday but it was too dark when I got home so they didnt come out. This is the only picture I have taken since I installed the springs. Its a bad pic but you can see how the car sits. I think the picture makes the back look a little bit higher than it really is though. Probably cause the driveway is uneven or something.

  17. My car has the eibach pro-kit (black springs) and it's too low and rides like a brick **** house...NEVER will I buy another set of them. I don't care what their site says about them...they are stiffer than the sportlines (just think of the names for a second...doesn't PRO seem like a more serious spring than SPORT?).
  18. Oh man now I'm getting confused lol. Basically what I'm going for is to go as low as possible without rubbing issues. I can get CC plates if necessary, but I will also have new rims and tires by then (17" with probably 245/45 tires all around). I could care less if it rides rough, lol that just makes it more fun to drive. So I think my mind has changed more towards the Sportlines, as they are a little bigger drop from what I understand?
  19. My rear used to rub on the fenders really bad. I was running 245-60r-14's at the time. I switched to some 225-60r-14's and they still rubbed. I ended up hammering the the fender "lip" (look at it and you will see what I'm talking about) flat against the fender. The rubbing issue is basically solved. If I have a couple people in the backseat and hit a bump pretty good then it still hits. I dont think my rear wheel wells are different since mine is a vert.


    P.S.-When the photo was taken I had 5/8" spacers in the rear, so it actually sits lower than in the pic. Any lower in the front and I would hit on EVERY speed bump and steep drive, not just big ones like I do now.
  20. I just want a 2 in drop all around....whats a cheaper company than eibach for lowering springs?