Lowering Springs for a 4 cyl.

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  1. could always get a set of Ford C springs and cut a coil off... I like my pro kits but the ride is low and they do ride extremely rough. the sport lines dont seem to ride as bad and as stinger said....
    think about it


    which one sounds like more of a spring to you???? :D
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  3. If you lower a fox body by much more than an inch, you're likely to ruin the geometry, which will have an adverse affect on handling. Something to keep in mind.

    Why does everyone like the Motorsport C? What's the difference between the B and C springs?

  4. What is your reasoning behind droping it so low? I am curious. even in my street killer I am building I dont want it to low? I actually put bigger tires on to raise the car some. untill it becomes a track car, it is impractical to have to low of a car. I see some factory 2004 GT's that can barely make it over speed bumps with out tearing something up.

    On other note. Good to see you back.

  5. Low cars look nice. I have to agree there. If you have never had a really low car for a daily driver then I would rethink it. It is not much fun at all, but it is nice to look at.
  6. I am glad someone made this thread since i am also thinking about lowering the car. I was looking and the B springs are lighter (430) then the C springs (650), would this better for a 4 cyl App? the rear springs are the same in both kits (200/300) Might the B springs be better for the lighter engined 4 cyl? Also with the motorsport springs will i have to Cut them to make them work on a 4 cyl car? I dont want to buy brand new stuff and start cutting on them.

  7. Aren't the B springs just stock 5.0 units?
  8. :shrug:

  9. I know some SVO guys use them for a slight drop, so that wouldn't make sense..
  10. B springs are basically equivalent to a Pro-Kit, C springs are like Sportlines. Not stockers.

  11. I lowered my car with the Eibach ProKit springs. Even so, I STILL have to watch myself around speed bumps. With Sportlines, I could only drive the car around speed bumps.




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  12. If you wanna get down to it, technically the B and C are rated at the same drop. difference is the c springs are a specific rate 650lb/in and the b springs are a linear rate 425/530 with the same 200/300 linear rear springs. Both sets are rated at 3/4" drop, but in actuallity, it slammed my car 2"...on the gt that is

    edit - Oh yeah I'm running the c's and even with the stock dampers the ride isnt all that harsh although it will be better once i get my bilsteins. I would recommend getting new shocks/struts when you put in the springs

    edit 2 - also you can get the FMS springs pretty cheap...i paid 75usd for mine

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  15. Good point!

    Anything over a inch you may have to use a "Bump Steer kit" to get it to align right. Also I got a set of Koni NOS stang 4cl springs that I would sale but I'm not sure for how much right this minute. They drop the car around 1.2" -1.5".

    P.S good to see ya again Stangrrly :nice:
  16. Are you sayin the SportLines are lower than the ProKits? I was really
    confused about which one was better for the street.

    I was wonderin how my car would look lowered with 15" 10 holes. Your
    3 spokes are actually metric, but they're real close to 15", rite? Mine mite not
    look too bad lowered, then. I'm hopin I can get 225's them without too
    much problem.

    The '79 Pace Car is one of the best lookin Mustangs ever made(imho), but
    you've added some subtle G/FX (which Ford should have done anyway) &
    made it even better(imho, again). I would loooooooove to have one.

    Hmmmmmm... maybe I could paint the the tire silver rite around my 10 holes
    & make them look like 17 inchers from a distance.:D

    Well, I gotta go get some more sun on my neck now.
  17. My question is, what shocks/struts are you going to run once you decide on springs?
  18. Good question, can anyone help on that one?

    I need shocks in a bad way but I want to lower the car so I can get the correct shocks.

  19. yea, too low sucks alot driving around nieghborhoods, and small town streets...but its nice on the highway!
  20. Do you have to cut C & B springs to make them fit 4cyl cars?