Lowering Springs on '92 Vert

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  1. I have a '92 LX 5.0L Convertible and I would like to lower it a bit. She's and absolutely gorgeous car (Deep Emerald Green with a white leather interior, white dust cover and a black top) but she sits too high. The motor is built quite nicely for what it is and the chassis is stiffened (subframes, g-load, and strut tower bracing).

    I don't want to drop in into the weeds and ideally, I would not want it lower past the point of helping handling (ie. going too low to the point of hurting handling). The stock spring rates feel fine, though I wouldn't mind something mildly firmer but that is not necessary. I do not want to go softer. I would also like to keep the stock struts and shocks (they only have 43k miles on them and seem to be fine). And based on the use of this car, I think a progressive rate spring would be best.

    On my previous '92 LX Hatch, I went with FMS "B" springs and was happy with them. Some have commented that the B springs would drop a convertible too much (adversely effect handling).

    My thought was possibly the B springs with some poly spring isolators.

    So, I want to lower it but not to the point of hurting handling while maintaining a near-stock like ride quality.

    Opinions would be welcome here as far as the B with poly would be good or if there are better alternatives.

    I've had suggestions of 2" drop spindles for the front...but those are out of my budget.

  2. to be honest i think every vehicle is different when it comes to lowering... ive seen the exact same springs put on 2 different vehicles and they lower different rates...i mean my b springs lowered the front of my car quite a bit more than i thought it would and i even used the poly isolators...i started to like it though...


    the only time i have issues with the ride height is if im cornering hard and i forgot to put my 10 way adjustable struts back to a stiffer ride the tire hits a tad but its not a biggie... hope that may help

  3. MAC progressives on my 92 vert: