Lowering Springs PIC Thread

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  1. OHHH yea those were hot too....i cant even keep track man, hes got so many damn sets of wheels...
  2. intrax 2" lowering springs

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  3. i like my waffles...:shrug:
  4. Clearly it's because we're the coolest Stangnetters ever....

    Door Guards 4 Life Foo!
  5. I like the GT wheels on yours much better though.
  6. :Word: :drool:

    I knew something had to be up for JR to start this thread without posting any pics. :D
  7. haha yea man...he posted im another thread that he just added pics to this thread, which he hadn't done yet....needless to say, i was very dissapointed..
  8. 4x4 CLUB!


    And I have the door guard!!! WHAT NOW BIZNITCHESNITHC!
  9. That is probably the most rigged thing I have ever seen.:rlaugh:

    If you like the ride of cut springs maybe you should swap out the seats and sit on a bucket.
  10. yeah his car does look BEAT lol get that sucker painted already
  11. Door Guards 4 Lyfe!!!
  12. Here is my new set-up:

    chopped springs (photochopped that is)
    18" FR500s


    Hopefully by summer my car will actually look like that.. but for now I'll join the 4x4 club

  13. Here's mine - fms c-springs



    Almost 2' drop in front and 1-1/2" in the back
  14. Welcome to StangNet!!!!!! Nice car man.
  15. Agreed, welcome to Stangnet!
  16. ya i hope that green thing with a body kit isn't a daily driver, if so thats horrible. But does anyone here scrape their exhaust, i have steeda sports and my stock h-pipe always scrapes, maybe the stock exhaust hangs lower then everyone elses aftermarket pieces?

  17. Have you ever had your exhust off? Is it mounted right? When i switched to the h pipe with hollowed out cats i didn't mount it up on that center brace thing and it would scrape all the time. My pipe cracked at the flange and took it to a shop to have it welded and they mounted it right and havent really had a problem with it scraping anymore. Never would have thought that little bit hanging would cause so much of a problem
  18. Is your exhaust this low?? :eek:

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  19. if i wasnt careful i would scrape my pipes when i had side exits. got tired of being careful so i went with a bassani catback. now i dont have to worry about it.