Lowering Springs PIC Thread

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  1. damn JR you scrape pebbles with that ****? lol
  2. screw you guys--if you retards knew how to read, you'd see that my car is PRESENTLY UNDERGOING PAINT/BODY WORK.
  3. :eek:
  4. hehe, yeah, i suppose it isn't the best pic to choose as the first one i post of my car.

    but seriously, wtf kind of ignorant comments are those a couple of you made? why would anyone want to drive their car in that condition daily? don't you think i know it looks like **** and that it probably means that it is in the process of being repaired and painted?
  5. Thats what I thought right away :shrug:

    I'm sure it'll look sweet when its done.
  6. Arent you on NSF? Zero360 or something to that effect?

    - I have the black lx. same name as here - JMD Engineering

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  7. Yup that's me! :SNSign:
  8. I can understand your paint and the state that it's in, but the cut springs is what makes it hardcore rigged. Either way, take a joke. I don't care what you do to your car.:nice:
  9. thats a problem waiting to happen being that low.

    with the same body kit on my car, i had a 2 inch drop all around.

    it looked sick. no wheel well gap and it looked slammed.

    the only problem was driving it. having to worry about speed bumps, potholes, going up driveways, getting into my GARAGE LOL

    i just took them out and put the stockers back in.

    i have pics on a CD but it went missing.

    after i'm done with the motor work and acheive my 1/4 mile goal. i'm gonna put in a basic air ride system
  10. the ride is pretty ridged, if that's what you were referring to. i'm going for a new spring/shock/strut set-up pretty soon, definately after this whole paint job business is up w/in the next week and a half or so. i had so much body work that needed to be done which meant more money for supplies--the amount of sand paper and putty i needed was ridiculous, and even though i saved a $hitload on paint, my wallet took too big of a bite. anyhow, probably gonna get some sportlines or something like that--not going hardcore, but more for ride quality. cutting my springs was really the only option i had at the time, and if you can afford new ones, get them, heh. i tried to sacrafice ride for looks, but trust me, it doesn't feel as good as it looks. no hard feelings, gents.
  11. With my Eibach Sportlines. I've never scrapped my Long tubes or custom h. But I also don't have to drive on train tracks either. The roads are nice and I don't have a steep driveway or anything.

  12. You're lucky bro..
    With winter here, it's sick, during spring, our roads looks like roads straigh out of Bagdhad.
  14. pretty old thread but here is mine with H&R supersports



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  15. I always knew you took 'em on the chin.:lol:
  16. Ford Motorsports "B" Springs with the top and bottom spring isolators removed from the front set. Gives it that raked look.


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  17. :lol:

    Silly messican
  18. I know I've allready posted in this thread, but I've lowered my car more with the addition of a QA1 k member so I'll post up some new pics. :D

    Sportline springs

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