Lowering Springs W/ Lt And Which?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by StanglovR1, May 22, 2013.

  1. Installing BBK LTs and found that my passenger sider spring is broken!!! no lie never seen this before and explains sooo many handling issues. So i figure nows a great time to get it down. The question is which spring do i want, H&R seem to be very popular but i also hear great things about Voglands? The Voglands are also $80 some dollars cheaper.... Also hear there's possible issue with LT bottoming out?
  2. I'venever heard of the Voglands, but the HR's are great springs. I personally run C- springs and have loved them with LT's. Remember you pay for what you get...
  3. I run eibachs with pace setter longtube. No issues
  4. H&R's and LT's here. I LOOOOOVE the slammed look but you have to basically re-learn how to drive the car (ie. keep an eye out for speed bumps, sharp inclines, etc.) Now that I've gotten used to how the car handles certain obstacles, no issues whatsoever.
  5. +1 on h&r ss. I have them with iso's and I drag my cats on speed bumps and driveway entrances if I'm not watching my speed and angle of attack. However, I am extremely happy with the super sports.
  6. The first set of springs on my car were Vogtland. I'm running H&R Supersports now and love the stance it gives me. The Vogtlands offer a softer ride compared to the SS too. The Vogtlands slammed my car even with isos that came with the springs when I got them. I didn't ever really scrape with the Vogtlands too much either.
  7. Is the car noisy without the isos?
  8. So I'l prolly go with the H&R, the stance does look awsome! My running a staggered set of tire, 285 on the rear and 1.5'' spacers. Will they fit or do i need to get the fenders rolled?
  9. I ran Eibach Pro kit with no isolators for several years. It was 2 fingers from tire to fender, front and rear. It was a great ride. Now, I'm running Strange 10-ways w/ coil-overs....I dont know why I waited so long to switch, but I am sure glad I did. I love the ride and stance, but I am 4" off the ground right now. The great part, I can raise it anytime I want.
  10. I like Eibach Pros. (I've used them on a few of my cars)
  11. I wrapped the ends of my springs with 2-3 layers of electrical tape. No noise whatsoever, even over harsh speedbumps.
  12. H&R race and no iso's. I didn't wrap mine with anything and if it's quiet, once in awhile I can just barely hear the rears. Pretty rare though.
  13. are any of you guys running spacers?
  14. Lowering springs, c/c plats, bump steer kit, corrected ball joints and offset steering rack bushings. Unless you wanna rotate your tires once a month or replace them prematurely. I had Eibachs WITH the isolators and loved them. Handled corners great, slower down the 1/4 mile due to the lack of weight transfer to the back wheels.