lowering springs?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 83notcho, Dec 30, 2006.

  1. what is the difference between the ford racing b springs and the c springs.these are going on a 83 coupe. thanks
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    The difference is...........................

    A letter. :D

    I believe that front B's should be progressive and C's are fixed-rate.

    I cant help more than that, nor do I know anything about suspension dynamics on an 83. The 4 eyed and canyon carvers will be of great help though.

    Good luck.
  3. B's are supposed to give a better ride as the strength is more as they compress. I think C's compress with the same strength throughout.

    I got the B's for mine
  4. i just put B's on with new kyb shocks and struts and the ride is actually reall nice. looks good too
  5. How much of a drop do the "B" springs give? I have a '91 coupe and I want to lower my car to make it look better and handle better, but I don't want to slam it or anything.
  6. the summit catalog says the "b" springs will drop your car 7/8ths front an 1/2 rear, you could pull the isolators for a little more drop.
  7. I've never bought the 7/8" drop in the front from C's. I have a set of front C's and they are super short (even compared to the Mach 1's on the car now, which were tiny compared to my stockers).

    I say that in case more of a drop is seen than expected.
  8. I know this wasn't one of your options, but you pretty much can't go wrong with Eibach Pro Kit springs....they'll lower your car enough but won't slam it and the ride quality gets tighter but not much rougher.
  9. I've checked into Eibach and everything I've heard has been good. A bit more expensive, but probably worth it.

    What shocks and struts does everyone recommend? I've heard that the "blue" Tokico ones are good, but what about the cheaper KYB's? Are they decent?
  10. For "B" springs I don't think that the 7/8" front, 1/2 rear drop is accurate. I didn't measure my car precisely but it seemed like a 1 1/4" drop on the front.

    i just installed the "B" springs and think that they are ideal for a street driven car, the drop is perfect, no bottoming and the ride feels normal/stock.