Lowering springs

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  1. I was wondering if I should get - Eibach pro kit or SR Performance lowering springs?? Thank you for any input.
  2. I have the Pro Kit. Really like the stance. Ride comfort not sacrificed. Quality set IMHO.
  3. I'm leaning more towards the Eibach thanks for your input
  4. You get what you pay for, Eibach's good quality stuff.
  5. I'm on UPR/Eibach Pro springs which are made by Eibach to the same spec as Eibach Pro Kit springs. I've very happy with them. They work well, and Eibach offers their "Million Mile Warranty." That's nice peace of mind.
  6. Theres always Steeda too ;)
  7. I am installing the SR springs this weekend, I'll update then.
  8. I wanna see!
  9. Like to know how those SR springs workout. I haven't heard from anybody that has them on there car yet. I got a 2012 Mustang GT.
  10. I'll post here again after I install them, had a set back as I need an adjustable upper control arm for this
    setup. I'm only installing the rear springs to see how that works 1st. Research tells me
    I don't need the uca if I have the Whiteline relocation brackets, which I do so I'll be
    installing the Stack Racing springs sooner.

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