LS or HEMI motor in an 05+...any conversion parts out there???

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  1. Undoubtably the 05+ mustang is hot as hell.

    Sadly though, the Modular motors are incapable of making any real n/a horsepower.

    the 05+ mustangs have dropped dramatically in price, and can be had for nearly nothing for a v6 coupe.

    I'm interested in n/a power. Ford Modular motors cannot deliver.

    For this reason, for the first time in my life, I find myself looking for a powerplant that is worthy.

    The dodge hemi and chevy LS motors come to mind.

    I know it's common to swap an LS motor into a fox, but is there conversion parts yet for the newer mustangs??

    Before anyone flames, I've been the utmost hardore ford fan my entire life. Sadly though, Ford has come to a crossroads where they can make little power out of their existing v8 motors, and are unwilling to give us anything else to work with.

    In all seriousness, has anyone seen any conversion parts out there yet?
  2. Okay, try one of these motors by Ford Racing.

    Boss 302... P/N M-6007-Z30ZZ (10.0:1 comp, 390 HP/360 ft/lbs) $8,790.00

    Boss 302....P/N M-6007-Z347 (9.7:1 comp, 450 HP/400 ft/lbs) $8995.00

    Either of these will fit nicely into the engine bay of a 05+ with room to spare. You can use your existing tranny. Both of these engines have forged crank, pistons and rods.
    You won't get that with a Hemi or an LS. unless You modify it.
  3. That's exactly what I was thinking. No need to bastardize a Mustang with a GM motor, or heavy as hell LS motor.
  4. Both those motors are down right sick, but also have MAJOR drawbacks. I too considered the conversion before I sold my stang and bought an LS powered vehicle, only because the cost of converting vs. the cost of buying was about a 3k gap, so i opted to get the whole car.

    If he goes with one of the above listed crate engines, it's going to be a nasty daily driver as far as comfortable, street mannered driving goes. The .580/.602 lift and 240 dur. will pretty much kill that. Not to mention he'll need all the supporting hardware to keep it injected, there's another 3 grand in parts.

    LS conversion.

    He can buy a good used LS3 for around 7k. Everyone knows that it's underrated at 430HP, most dyno numbers put it at around 460HP. keep in mind this is stock. No big slobbering cam, solid smooth idle. Fuel Economy? Try around 25 with a 4l60/whatever gm trans you want to put in. Keep in mind this is STOCK. Put a cam in that and blast past 500HP without killing driveability.

    Cons, sure there are a few. Getting the motor in is one, conversion and integration is another, and will be costly to do right.

    But, as i've found, mod for mod the LS motor will always win.
  5. Sacrilegious!!!! Thats like a supermodel getting hitched to a short broke balding fat guy that smells of nacho cheese....and drives a Honda......

    Why not drop in a 6.2 mod in there:)
    Big mods are new to me so forgive any mistakes I am bound to make:) I do know that there expensive.:eek:

    Anything but a Chevy in a ford.....Anything....
  6. sorry man i would go buy a fox or something money wise its retarded and i hate to disagree with you on the ls1 thing either.. i got a buddy with a ls1 maro with the same mods as me and im right there with him anyday of the week.. the 3v mod motors make up for displacement with pure bad ass ness.. look at your horsepower.. 380ish im makeing 305ish to the wheels and i promise if i dont beat you ill be all up on you by the time the finish line comes by.. i haven't taken mine to the track sense i tuned it and its easily a 12sec car... sorry man if you wan't a ford car keep it ford!! 5.4s make awesome power! and why wont you go blown..., what do you prove with a na motor?? when i get mine put in i won't give a damn when i come blowin by a na motor whinin my ass off!! just my .02
  7. Ever since before I bought my car I thought it'd be the pefect car if it had the S197 looks/interior with an LSX engine. But I wouldn't actually ever convert it, I'll just acknowlege the displacement disatvantage and make up for it with boost someday lol.
  8. I totally disagree with your comment regarding streetablity with these engines.:bs:

    Galpin motorsports built a BOSS 302 using an 07 GT and the 390 hp BOSS engine.
    (See youtube video. "BOSS 302 STANG- part 1 & 2")
    As you will see the car handles and drives like a dream, far better than an orginal BOSS. :nice:

    As far as FI, why bother, use a carburetor, that's what Galpin did! However, installing FI is not that expensive.
    Another point, you are forgetting that both of these 302 engines have a much stronger block and forged internals, something your factory LS doesn't have.

    Sure you can buy a used GM with an LS in it, but it still isn't a Ford Mustang.
    I'd rather built a car I like no matter the cost, somethings you just can't put a price on. I like to take you on with a 05+ with a 302 setup.
  9. You'll notice that since this voicing this horrendous idea, v8only has since been banned. Coincidence.....I think not. ;)
  10. but it is only a temp ban :( lets see where this goes in two weeks....
  11. I am reminded of the movie Underworld . . .

    The head vampire refers to the story of a human bitten once by bat and once by wolf.

    "It is a ridiculous legend. Such a creature would be an abomination!"

    Pick one or the other, no need to cross bloodlines.


  12. That's if he comes back. This isn't the first time he has complained about the n/a modulars. For the price of an engine or engine swap I'll put my money into a supercharger.:nice:
  13. W.T.F?

    It's beyond me why a TRUE Ford fanatic could consider such a thing. Crossbreeding. Damn.

    By the time 2010 comes around, there will be some BIG engines to SWAP with minimal surgery. And from what I hear, there will be no lack in power. Besides, NOTHING will swap without fabrication. There will be NO conversion parts out there.

  14. Look, i'm not trying to start a flamefest here. If you want to B/S about beating me, hit me up with a PM. But on that note let me clarify a few things here. I'm throwing down 380RWHP, not fly. Your new GT outweighs me by about 150 to 200 lbs with driver. You're only running 107MPH to my 110. Also, those times are at a corrected D/A of around 3800 ft. I'm not near sea level like you are, i'm practically in the mountains here, and we have one of the slowest tracks in the heartland due to the corrected D/A.

    I ran 12.9@108 with only a tune, lid and cutout, cutting 1.98 60' with 2.73 gears. Granted that was my best run with a corrected D/A of 1500 ft that day :jaw:

    I'm installing a Yank, 3.73's and some stickies, so 11's with my MPH should be no problem. All with a small 224R cam only motor, i still got lots of growing room. LS1's weak? sorry, they have 6 bolt mains compared to the modulars 4 bolt. 600+hp from a stock LS1 shortblock isn't unheard of. Cubic inch? it's not my fault Ford can't put a bigger displacement in the Stang, why haven't they been using the 5.4's then?

    I found going from my Mustang to the LS1 that the Mustang guys turned on me like a pack of wolfs, but they just couldn't hang when it came down to proving it. I've turned and haven't looked back. I don't see the point of spending 4K on a supercharger setup when I could drop in a 460hp or so LS3 that's BONE STOCK for the same price. Throw a charger on that, you'll blast the modular so bad it won't even be funny.

    Here's some vids of me racing a stock GT before my cam. You want to see what our D/A does to times? I got vid of an '03 Cobra, PI GT's and lots more in the vids, all the times and MPH are recorded.

    My Car: YouTube - 00 Camaro Z28

    Me vs. Stock GT: YouTube - 05gtvscamaro
    (look at the MPH on this one, D/A's a killer! The driver is a seasoned bracket racer and was literally beating the hell out of that car)

    Me at our annual Sammy Playday Race: YouTube - Alan's Sammy Playday

    (This vid has a '99 GT A4 - Red - with longtubes, Tune, Catback and 4.10's, I installed all the hardware for him. A '97 GT A4 with PI cams and intake, O/R X, Catback and SCT Tune. The '97 went 15.1@89 and the PI GT went 14.8@94. D/A sucks!)

    I have no track vid's after the cam install yet, so all those times are pre cam. Here is a vid after the cam was installed and I was tuning on it.

    YouTube - Al's Cam

    '03 Cobra, stock, only has K+N:

    And finally, my proof. - Alan L - 26 - Male - GREAT BEND, Kansas -

    Timeslips are in the PICS section. Also, my stang is pictured there too.

    Sorry for the rant, but I was called out and the OP calling me out was :OT:
  15. Not the intent. Forgive me.

    The point is we drive FORDs. There are plenty of big displacement FORDs coming and the swap will be a lot less painless. Wait for 2010 and you will find 6 L engines that you can install.

    NO FLAME INTENDED. I learned early on crossbreeds are a headache.

    I'm open. Try something new!
  16. I'm sorry for over reacting :rolleyes:

    I love Mustangs, period. I don't have it in my sig anymore becuse of all the crap i've typed there, but I'm actually a Ford Tech and work on them day in and out. Ford has some awesome products out right now. The F150 is tough as hell and the Mustang is a hot seller. I too know that the powertrains are coming. The BOSS/Hurricane and Ecoboost lines are very very promising. The new MKS for 2010 promises 350HP, with V6 fuel economy!

    With that in mind, I can't wait to see what they do with the modular v8 lineup!

    Only problem is that GM also keeps upping the ante with increasingly better LS based motors too. The LS1 is a dinosaur, underated at 305HP it's actually 350HP in any given platform. The LS9 in the ZR1 is 600HP, and heavily cut back. The LS3 which is in the standard '08+ C6 vette is 430 HP, Z06 Model LS7 is 505 HP. Cam any of these motors and you're well into the 600+ HP range cept for the LS1.

    Maybe one day i'll own a Stang again, but only when the powertrains come up to snuff and I can't get pounded on by a car that's 8 years older then mine.

    Back to the OP's topic (before he got banned for a legitimate question :notnice:) Our group does a lot of LS based conversions. My MySpace has pics of many of our projects. I'm not sure what it would take to get one physically bolted into a new Mustang platform. My biggest concern would be integrating the wiring to work properly, which on a newer Mustang would be a major headache. Honestly, you're better off going with a Fox or a '94-98 Mustang. '99+ has a lot more electronic integration and would require more precision in getting the two breeds of network and sensor in/outputs to work, properly. Carb a new Mustang? Sounds hack to me. Keep it injected, if you do use a Ford powertrain buy the injection and do it right. It will look way more professional, and you'll keep a lot more streetability with tuning precision that I carb will never offer.
  17. I think the OP needs to do more research before he says ford modular engines cannot make good power n/a.

    Ive came across some nasty 4v's that were N/A.
  18. And 3-valves!
  19. OP was not banned for this thread....