LS or HEMI motor in an 05+...any conversion parts out there???

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  1. Hello guys, I am back.

    I offer a sincere thank you for this mature discussion. This is exactly what I had been hoping for.

    People do not get banned for having an opinion about which motor they want in which car. Most of you figured it was for my other thread. Without living in the past, I was temp-banned for using color metaphors and getting into a pissing match with a moderator in a drunk New Years eve celebration.

    To move on though..I am not ready for this just yet. My brother and I just finished our 86 projects, and are moving onto dual 65/66 project now with good old ford pushrod power. It's after the 60's coupes that we're thinking of doing something different.

    It's already been shown that modular motors CAN be built to be fast. What they cannot, however is be built fast cheaply.

    My goal is to have an 11 second streetable car or quicker without a supercharger.. If I want to go faster, I'll bolt on a supercharger on top of that. I've already got a fox that'll do low 13's all day long. If I keep tuning and tweeking, she'll be high 12's eventually, and this is on a conservative cast iron headed gt40p longblock. I'm looking to level up without breaking the bank.

    Since this post, I've actually been looking at the newer gto's, long and hard. they can be had for the mid teens now, and despite being uglier than some of the girls I messed around with back in my fraternity days, it'll put out like a $20 Prostitute all day long and beg for more.

    I like to tweak in n/a mode. I like head swaps, cam swaps and intake swaps. I like to take stuff apart nearly as far as it'll go and put it back together with better stuff. I like to drive it for a month, then pull it apart again.

    Modular motors are NOT fun to pull the heads off. They also have virtually no na mods available. $1000 cams for a 4v motor? LOL, no thankyou.

    Those are my reasons. For me alone, starting with a 400+ hp LS motor makes a hell of a lot more sense then starting with a weak 300 hp motor that begs to be boosted. Besides, the ls motors make superior hp on boost too. Like the boosted modular motors, I'm sure they can be tweaked further too.

    GM or Mopar do not have an attractive bodystyle to offer, nor one with sufficient aftermarket support. The mustang fits this bill.

    Motortrend goes as far as to call the 4.6 and 5.4 an aging line of motors. Everyone is fully aware they're past they're prime.

    To that extent, from a wrenchers point of view, I see nothing wrong with mating the superior bodystyle with the superior engine.

    Some mentioned the boss 302. I'd like to comment on that. I'd run that motor in a heartbeat, except one problem....It's not legal.

    I have to deal with california emissions. California emissions state that it is legal to put any motor into any car as long as you retain the oem emissions devices, and that it came from the same weight "class" vehicle.

    No ford product offers a boss engine.

    It would be 100% legal for me to take a wrecked 06 ls gto engine and put it into an 06 mustang. I could get it signed off by the referree and drive it legally.

    If legality had nothing to do with it, I would have never posted this.
  2. Well, if that's the case:

    Looks like a new stock 3v record - WWW.S197FORUM.COM

    The previous N/A record was 11.87, I think. This guy hit 11.75 on an S197 with bolt-ons, weight reduction, tires, gears, and one bad-boy driver. No need for a Frankenstein conversion to reach that goal. :nice:

    I also wanted to touch up on this:

    I don't believe you. Don't you know LS1 f-bodies are 12 second/105 mph trap speed cars bone stock? Evans Smith did it once, so it must be true :rolleyes:. If you don't believe me, go ask the people on MF/CF on the subject (from where I was banned for cussing out a bunch retards who swore a stock V6 f-body Camaro could beat an 4V Mach 1 :mad:). Hell, Specter would lose a month of sleep if he saw this! lol
  3. that is a tad quick.

    I was chatting with a guy last night with a chipped 06 gto (ls2 right?) anyhow, they've got nearly 100 horse more than the previous ls1's in the camaro above.

    His best run ever on street tires was an 8.6

    A girl with an identical 06 gto, but an automatic...bone stock was running 9.0's

    that 8.1 ls1 time above is either complete bs...or similar to those 12 second e7 headed stock 5.0 passes you "hear" about.

    All the ls1 camaro's at the track last night were running in the very low 9's
  4. I really didn't read any of this, I just want ford to come out with a 4" bore DOHC motor... 5.8L 32v monster that could make 500hp NA:drool:
  5. are these 1/8th mile times?
  6. Holy crap. I like my 07 just the way it is with the tune, exhaust and intake. It smokes the hell out of the tires when I want it to, and all on a car I bought brand new for $23k. The funny thing is; it seems the GM guys try to seek me out on the road to try to prove something. I love it!
  7. yes
  8. then i am not impressed with those times. I personally have run 8.60 @ 84 with a 2.05 sixty foot on stock tires. only mods to add power are CAI/tune, underdrive pulleys, flows(if they count), and O/R H. i am still learning the track, and would still consider myself a n00b there.