LS1 forum folks droolin over 05 stang

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  1. The only reason they're drooling is the fact their '02 and later LS1s will still beat the '05 Mustang. I think the Mustang had better everything over the Bow Ties except for that darn LS1 engine in the past and now. I just wished Ford would have put something out that could rivaled the performance of the LS1. The perfect car would be the LS1 engine in a '05 Mustang. :D
  2. Blasphemy :p

    GM proved that it's not all about power. They put an awesome engine in a cheap car and looked where it got them. Mustang is a better overall product. I think the new 3v will surprise a lot of us. Don't forget the N/A 4v in the Mach 1, that's holding it's own pretty well lately against the late modle LS1s. :banana:
  3. Don't make me come back home and smack you around. :lol:

  4. Comments like that will get you beaten.
  5. I always thought that with the 99-04 Mustang GT, I'd love a Mustang with a 350HP LS1. (I guess I'll just have to make due with this 390HP S/C 4.6L ;) )
  6. They did put out something that rivaled the Ls-1, the 4.6L Mach 1 5spd is basically on par or at the least comes awfully close, and the 03 Cobra beats it. However, Ford did slack on the GT's part.

    You can have your 05 with the Ls-1, i'll take mine with the blown 4.6 and T56 from the 03 Cobra :p. Now that would be the perfect Mustang....Atleast till the 06 Cobra comes out:D.
  7. Chevy's really got their work cut out for them as far next gen HP wars are concerned. With the GT, and the 05 Stang and the new L (to name a few)....Chevy is really only relying on the Vette to even KEEP them in the race....which it's not going to do. They've got some serious work ahead of them to get back in it....but they're
  8. I think the LS1 is a great motor, it just goes to prove that old tech (pushrods) is not dead (yet). They are underrated at the ~335 numbers too, stock ones are getting almost that to the rear wheels! Chevy's problem has always been marketing, its hard to drive a Z28 and not feel like a "Joe Dirt" reject and nobody has enough gold chains to even think about owning a TA. The Vette is an awesome car, but it does not compete with the Mustang for sales. The new GTO looks like a big melted jellybean and will not attract pony car buyers unless you count the diehard bowtie boys.

    The Mustang survives to this day because of its low cost and sportyness. The V6 still accounts for a vast majority of sales and almost half of the Mustang buyers are women. The only threat to Mustang sales out there is the Mitsubishi for inexpensive sportyness, and the poor little old Mitsu cannot be had with a V8. :D
  9. Well Chevy has/will have a
    - 400HP base Vette
    - 500HP C6 Z06 (that will be 200-300lbs. lighter than the Ford GT)
    - 625HP Twin Turbo Carbon Fiber body C6 (rumored to be out after the Z06)

    The 210HP Cobalt SS will beat the 170HP Focus SVT and ST

    I'd say Chevy has the High end and low end covered, but they just can't compete with Ford on the Middle Ground (the most important market IMO). Chevy needs to get their act together build a new Camaro and 400HP+ Reg cab Silverado.

    Nothing like a good HP war :D
  10. I can give you several reasons why the 4.6 is every bit as good an engine as the LS1, but shrug. Regardless, an 05 GT will certianly stay with LS1 powered cars...
  11. GM also has the Z06 motivated Caddy CTS. Those cars are hot.
  12. And z28... I would have money on the redesigned Focus having a turbo'ed SVT version to battle the WRX and SRT4, and I'll bet it will outrun your cobalt as well. As far as topend... 06 Cobra + GT + speculative Shelby Cobra > A bunch of Vettes
  13. Remember people, I bought a Mustang over an LS1. :D I think Ford should have pushed the hp up to 350 on the '05 GTs. Hopefully this 300hp is underrated and with some basic mods get it to 300rwhp without seriously blowing the warranty. I'd definitely take that. :nice:
  14. I don't own a Cobalt SS, I have a 2004 Cobra, FWD sucks.

    I wish ford would bring over the Turbo Focus from England, THe next Gen Focus NEEDS to have a Forced induction version if they want to stay competative with Chevy, Dodge, and Saturn.

    The Vettes will be a lot lighter than the '06 Cobra and Ford GT so that will probably give them the edge. Shelby Cobra is just a concept car, it isn't sold to the public.
  15. Don't get too excited about peak HP. Peak HP numbers are great to throw around but they don't tell the whole story (just ask a Honda s2000 driver). For driving on the street, it's all about the area under the curve.
  16. Re-read what I wrote.....
    Out of the 5 cars you guys talk about, only 1 of them is not Vette-related.
  17. What other pony cars will there be in 2005? I guess they don't have a choice but to drool over the new Mustang :p
  18. Who really cares about a Vette starting out in price of $50k+ and then skyrocketing from there. I didn't know all you chevy guys had that kind of jack :p Fact is you can buy 2 05's GT's for about the same money as 1 400hp vettes or you can have a bunch of mod money.

    I'll take a Viper for that kind of money, at least there good looking and aren't running around all over town...................
  19. It's not the right time to be counting that stupid looking Cobalt as a threat to the SVT Focus, because I understand they are being pulled for a redesign(not that the Focus isn't goofy looking). And I too wish that Ford could drop some bigger nads in the 05 but I would rather be able to afford one. And I guess It would be better to wait a couple years considering the Mach1 and previous to 03 SVT buyers don't even have 350hp, also giving Ford a window to one up GM again :D .